5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Finding An Educational Consultant

Despite all the advantages, education abroad has its difficulties, related to the preparation of documents, the issuance of a visa and the choice of an educational institution and program. To cope with this help educational agencies. How exactly? Let’s take it apart.

And start with a question that is probably the first to arise in your head.

Why do I need agency services?

Imagine that you were in a dense forest without a map, a compass, and a telephone. Where to go? What to do? How to discover the way back to civilization? Indeed, there is a chance that sooner or later you will find a way out. But how much time and attempt will it take? And not the fact that the chosen path will be correct.

A similar situation can occur when choosing a place of study. The overseas education consultants in Delhi, in this case, acts as a guide, which will indicate the right path, make it as cozy and as comfortable as possible. This applies to all educational programs abroad- from summer schools to graduate school.

What exactly are educational agencies doing?

The organization aims to assist the student to enroll in a foreign university with minimal loss of time and money. The duties of a specialist in an educational agency include:

  • Informing the client about the features of the educational system of interest to the university entrant and the city where it is situated;
  • detailed advice on training programs and selection assistance;
  • knowledge of the subtleties of the application process;
  • assistance in collecting and submitting documents for enrollment;
  • “Keeping” the student at all stages of preparation and study, until returning home: preparing reports, booking a hostel and air flight, transfer order, etc.

Is it impossible to arrange everything yourself?

Of course, it is possible but challenging enough. But it is not as simple as it seems: you risk missing important details, as a result – late with the deadlines or receive a refusal. It is only natural that the first impulse of everyone who decided to study abroad is to flee monitor thematic forums. There, “advisers” will tell you that “everything is simple and understandable,” they “know how it is necessary” and “there is no need to overpay.”

But these people are not qualified specialists, who have many years of experience working with foreign universities and schools. They cannot have full and up-to-date information, and also be aware of the smallest details (citations of underwater stones) about the conditions of admission and study in dozens of universities around the world. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you value your time, your nerves and turn to professionals.

How can I be sure of the quality of the agency services?

First, let’s clarify: not every company can be called educational. The top education consultants in India conducts pre-screening and careful selection before confirming partnerships with the schools and universities with which it is going to cooperate. In the same way, there is a reverse selection of agencies from the universities. Experts of the educational agency visit foreign universities, communicate with students and teachers, learn all the details on the spot and “from the first mouth,” and not from indefinite articles on the Internet. Companies by education abroad should always be aware of the latest developments.

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