Activities Performed by an Ot Technician in an Operating Room

OT technicians in the operating room are of relevance in the health field and it is essential that they promote skills and knowledge about the surgical field. Therefore, we will tell you what an OT Technician does in an operating room.

An OT Technician plays a fundamental role since it must work in coordination with nursing professionals and doctors. A person who has taken a Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician also performs the functions of cleaning, replacement, placement of surgical material and instruments.

Providing comprehensive and primary care to the patient is what an OT Technician does in an operating room, and because of this, they are reference professionals in surgeries.

Activities Performed by an Ot Technician in an Operating Room


The task that an OT Technician does in an operating room with patients entering this area, forces him to perform the following nursing assistant functions:

Surgical Area: Preoperative

  • Provide assistance to staff for the sterilization of materials
  • Inform the family and patients about any doubts that may arise.
  • Prepare and check the necessary materials for the operation.
  • Organize and prepare the patient on the day of surgery.

Surgical Area: Intraoperative

  • Provide people with the implements they need.
  • Provide emotional support before anesthesia to patients and reassure them if necessary.
  • Clean and collect the instruments used for the next operation.

Surgical Area: Postoperative

  • Changes of blankets and sheets
  • Achieve comfort in patients with: temperature control, placement of thermal blankets.
  • Medication to the patient, final replacement, and shift delivery.
  • Sterilize the instruments according to their composition.

It is worth highlighting the importance of what activities does an OT technician perform since their work is broader and involves various activities.

The objectives in an operating room are:

  • Provide good care to patients who need surgical intervention.
  • Provide care in nursing, of high quality, meeting the expectations of the patient.
  • Carrying out their role with care and attention in the surgical sector of the hospital.
  • Adapt the care and needs of the population to develop skills through ongoing training.

However, to graduate in this incredible profession you must comply with certain values such as commitment, collaboration, and support, as well as teamwork. By complying with this, you will be able to effectively enter the career, since the attention you provide to the care of patients is of vital importance.


To become an OT Technician you need:

  • Friendly and responsible attitude.
  • Sensitivity and compassion, and the ability to respect the dignity and sense of independence of each patient.
  • Patience and resourcefulness.
  • Communication skills to support the patient and make him feel safe.
  • Have the practical ability and willingness to perform delicate tasks or clean patients.
  • Emotional power, because certain tasks can be distressing.
  • Stamina and physical health, because this is hard work for the body.
  • Observation techniques, for example, to detect changes in the patient’s condition.
  • Be able to record detailed and accurate notes and write short reports.
  • Capacity for teamwork.

They have their own initiative.

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