Assistance In Applying Abroad: How It Happens

If you are one of those who want to go overseas to study but don’t know from where to begin? Astron International specialists will tell you about the opportunities and pitfalls, help you choose an educational institution and prepare for admission, as well as take over the paperwork.

The steps involved in applying for study abroad are as follows:

Step one: consultation

The first study abroad consultation is a detailed conversation with a potential student and/or his parents. The specialist will try to find out as much information as possible about you – from school grades and hobbies to professional ambitions.

In turn, be prepared to receive a lot of new information from the consultants for MBBS study in Russia. You can come to them with one solution and leave with another.

You may find that the options you have already mapped out for training are notoriously losing. You may find that preparation will take much longer, or you may realize that you are setting yourself insufficiently ambitious goals.

You may have to take a step back: complete a preparatory program before going to college, or graduate from school abroad to get a local certificate.

The point of the first consultation is to understand what you want to get from studying abroad, what are your opportunities at this stage and how an education abroad agency can help you.

Step two: selection

After that, the agency selects suitable options for educational institutions and programs for you- not only those that interest you, but also those where they will be interested in you.

The process takes one to two weeks. As a result, you will receive a voluminous document in your hands, which will detail the features of schools, colleges or universities, the advantages of certain programs, living opportunities, career prospects, etc.

Regardless of whether your cooperation with the study abroad agency continues, your selection will remain with you, and you can use it in the future.

Step three: preparing for admission

After choosing the priority schools (colleges, universities), the preparation of documents for admission begins. It takes time: some papers just need to be assured, something will require translation into a foreign language.

There are documents that first need to be requested (for example, recommendations from a teacher or employer) or write (for example, a motivation letter). For each document there are requirements for registration and deadlines- all this is controlled by the manager for training abroad.

At the same time, the future student prepares for the entrance tests, a student can take help of Best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon sector 14 so that the process becomes smooth. And if, for example, online testing is an understandable exam, then an interview with a representative of a university or school is an exciting stage from which you do not know what to expect.

The success of the entire event often depends on his success, so you need to prepare for an interview in advance, with which a consultant abroad will again help you.

It’s not just about the language level. You will find out what questions you will be asked in the interview, rehearse the answers, understand what is worth telling in more detail, and what it is better not to focus on.

During the conversation, the representative of the educational institution should see your potential, make sure that you are exactly the kind of student that the university or school is looking for.

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