Benefits of studying MBBS in Armenia

Benefits of studying MBBS in ArmeniaOne of the most rigorous employment options for Indians is the MBBS program. Armenia is one of the most popular places for Indian students to study MBBS abroad. The best medical education is available in the nation for a very affordable price. Armenian Medical Universities students must complete the MBBS program in around six years.

Numerous organizations worldwide have acknowledged, authorized, approved, and classified top medical universities in Armenia. The National Medical Commission of India (NMC) and the Medical Council of Canada have approved the universities (MCC). The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates has certified it, and the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia has acknowledged it (ECFMG). Registered with the World Directory of Medical Schools and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) (WDOMS).

Even though Armenian medical schools offer instruction in English, students are also required to take Armenian as part of their curriculum. This will assist them in communicating with patients during clinical rotations and daily life.

What Benefits Come with it?

  1. One of the most reputable medical education is the MBBS in Armenia. Medical education in Armenia has received approval and recognition from leading medical organizations worldwide.
  2. For Indian students looking to study MBBS abroad, Armenia is one of the cheapest possibilities.
  3. English is the medium of instruction for medical education in Armenia. To the student’s career and ability to engage with people across the nation, acquiring a second language is a distinct advantage.

While studying MBBS in Armenia, international students should not be concerned about the language barrier.

  1. Indian students are not required to take additional exams to be admitted to Armenia’s Top Medical Universities. In Armenia, there are direct admission opportunities for medical school.
  2. Armenia is renowned for having a secure and comfortable atmosphere. One of the most secure locations for international students is here.
  3. Students are given access to cutting-edge medical instruction and practices at Armenia’s Top Medical Universities in lecture halls, labs, and other research facilities.
  4. The Top Medical Universities have libraries stocked with various collections of books, journals, papers, research journals, and more.
  5. While pursuing their MBBS in Armenia, students go around and encounter various customs and cultures. In addition, they benefit from extremely affordable access to the European style of living.


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