Counselling Services for Education Abroad

Every year, tens of thousands of students start the application procedures for studying abroad. With figures in excess of thousands, even from our country, students prefer to go abroad to complete the rest of their studies. Both master’s and doctoral education and students who want to learn a foreign language, they prefer abroad to get the best possible expectations.


What are the benefits of educational counselling?

What are the details you are most curious about before applying for training in a foreign country?

  • Living conditions,
  • Transportation,
  • Accommodation,
  • School environment,
  • Education quality,
  • School prices.

Overseas education consultancy, as seen from a distance, simple or in place does not consist of people who provide information. They are serious educators, see the country of destination and have the finest details about schools. For this reason, the support of a counselor before moving to education, certainly makes it easier to take a more confident step both at the beginning and at the end of the education life.

Students who go abroad with the help of an expert best study abroad consultants in India can benefit from many services. The fact that overseas education programs consist of many detailed stages forces the students to get help from the experts.

Help in Choosing the Right Country and City: In order to avoid any problems in the education process abroad, students’ preferences should be carefully considered not only in the choice of schools and programs, but also in the country, city and accommodation choices. For example, directing students who love big cities, crowded and bustling environments to city centre schools and those who like hot climates, in parallel to hot or temperate climates, will accelerate the adaptation process to the student’s environment and ensure maximum benefit from education.

While choosing accommodation alternatives, the suggestions offered by the overseas education advisors to students such as the possibility of practicing English, considering the expectations of the students and the conditions appropriate to the lifestyle play an important role in increasing the satisfaction with the education abroad.

Help in School and Program Selection: Following the selection of the right country and city, advising the student in the process of choosing the right school and the right program is an important detail in the registration process. In many school and program alternatives, determining the most appropriate school and program according to the students’ academic goals, career goals, personal characteristics and criteria such as grade point average, foreign language level is an opportunity that only study overseas education consultants who have years of experience in the field can offer to the students.

It also informs the students who want to take a certificate abroad or a university education abroad, whether the foreign language level is sufficient or not, which foreign language level determination and academic proficiency exams are required. The procedure related to these exams,

Assistance in Choosing a School for the Budget: Educational consultancy firms take into consideration the economic situation of the students and offer one of the most important barriers for those who want to study abroad by offering the schools that students and their parents’ budgets can meet. Because for many students, one of the most important factors is the appropriateness of the budget allocated to education abroad and the cost of the preferred program.

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