Discovering The Option to Study MBBS in Russia

For many decades Russia is known to the world as a study destination for MBBS, a degree in medical studies. If we actually try and dissect the reason behind the fascination to study in Russia then we can find out that there are many socio, geo-cultural factors that encourage the students to study in Russia. But in terms of foundation and the ease, russian medical universities is equally a much better for the students regardless of where they belong to. Let’s find out more.

The first factor to be noticed and deeply analyzed is the very selection procedure of Russia medical colleges. Unlike a country, let’s say India, wherein one has to go through the tough selection criteria followed by even tougher entrance exam, Russia is way more flexible and it does not impose an exam to get enrolled in a medical college. In India there is a darn challenging eligibility exam known as National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET). A large number of students whittle it down after a huge competition to look for a place in the smaller list prepared on the basis of merit. As is the case, thousands of students fail to make the cut and are left with just one choice; shell out huge amount of college fees to get into the private MBBS colleges.

On completion of the course, the first thing to hit the mind is the job opportunity to practice as a certified doctor or a nurse. While India has a strong network of hospitals with an international repute of being a medical tourism destination, the initial days are tough for the students of this discipline.

Now comes the biggest of all the hurdles, something that can be a huge setback to the aspiring students; the fees. Yes, we all have to agree to the fact that the amount of fees charged in the premier medical colleges is anything but exorbitant. Add to that the facilities be it the basic ones or the one related to the studies are barely on a par with their Russian or European counterparts though some of them do have the required infrastructure. It becomes likely that the students may not get each and every aspect of the course learnt thoroughly. The private colleges do not warrant for a better education just because they boast of certain salient features.

Another cause of concern has been the nemesis of bullying which is disturbingly widespread in the South Asian education system on a whole. Thanks to the enriched culture and high disciplinary grounds, the Russian MBBS colleges bring much of the sense of relief to the students. It is important that the students who are studying something that has as high a magnitude as medical studies, it is important to create a fuss-free atmosphere.

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