Education In Russia And Consultants Role

Thanks to the great momentum Russia has gained in recent years, Russia, which has a very important place in world history, our relations with Russia both commercially and politically are much more intense than before. The interest in Russia has increased with this convergence in our country and has caused many students to search for learning Russian and getting their education in Russia. If you want to study in Russia, or to enroll in Russian language schools to learn Russian, you should read our article carefully.

study in Russia

University and Postgraduate Education in Russia

In Russia, undergraduate education lasts 4 years and Masters programs last for 2 years. However, in order to receive academic education in Russia, it is necessary to have proficiency in Russian and English. Therefore, pre-university preparatory programs are organized for those who do not speak Russian at all.

The first 4 months of the 8-month course is Russian language only, followed by a basic entry into the basic courses according to the department you choose. One of the biggest advantages of getting MBBS in Russia eligibility for Indian students is that you can decide on the department you will attend and you can take lessons suitable for the department in the preparatory class.

One of the known mistakes about Russia is that the quality of education is not good. On the contrary, Russia has a much better equipped staff and facilities compared to our country especially in the field of education. Especially for athletes, it is possible to have more opportunities than in our country.

University and Graduate Prices in Russia

Education costs are very cheap compared to Europe and America, since education in Russia is seriously supported by the state. It is possible to receive academic education in Russia with tuition fees of $ 2500 per year.

Accommodation and Living Expenses

Living expenses in Russia show more or less similarities with our country when big cities are considered. However, daily living and accommodation expenses in small cities are even cheaper than in our country. In Russia, there are homestays and dormitories for foreign students. Especially in the first few months, definitely recommended homestay accommodation. There are many advantages to studying in Russia. However, it may be very difficult to make an individual decision, as there is not enough information. In such cases, you can always contact consultants for MBBS study in Russia.

When you decide to study abroad, the researches that you do on your own do not include school, housing etc. trying to learn the subtleties of opportunities is no more than a waste of time and money. While it may prevent your education from reaching the quality you want, any wrong result that may be made may result in a visa refusal by the relevant consulate of your foreign education application. The rejection of a visa due to a possible error will always remain a question mark for your dreams of studying abroad and your possible future applications. Overseas consultant for study in Russia enlightens you in all stages of the education you want to receive abroad and provides you with comprehensive information on many subjects such as the right country and the right education program. And you get all the trouble completely free.

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