Europe Flying High For Academic Higher Education

While we cannot deny the exotic beauty Europe is, we should also pay attention to the quality of Higher education Europe has to offer.

Earlier US, Canada and UK were the only preference of students for their higher education. The trend has changed now. Infact, Europe has gained quite a reputation for Higher Education courses in the International Market.

According to the website Eurostat, in the year 2018, 1.3 million international students have got admission for Higher education in Europe. Out of the total, 43.4% were Bachelor’s students and 45% were opting for their Master’s degree from Europe. The country has also been attracting students with interest in Doctoratoral degree and short term courses.

In this blog, let us help you understand why Europe should be your first choice if you have plans for higher education abroad.

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Quality Education:

Since the last few decades, the European Higher Education Board (EHEA) has been working towards offering better education opportunities for foreign students. The world-class institutions also focus on supporting students by providing scope of innovation and creativity.

The efforts reflect in the improved curriculums, education standards, facilities and diversified environment Europe has to offer.

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  1. Language Friendly

Many students have the misconception that they have to learn the local European language in order to study in Europe.

But, English is widely acceptable and the most spoken language across the Globe. The higher education courses in Europe are designed keeping in mind the understanding level and easiness for English speaking students.

PS: You can also explore the opportunity to learn local language for your own personal growth.

  1. Fees

If you are worried about the financial aspect of studying in Europe, this can be a breather for you.

The higher education course fees in Europe is less as compared to US and UK universities. Many reputed universities in Europe offer partial or full scholarship to students hailing from developing countries.

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  1. Rich Cultural Experience

European countries are known for the diversified and rich culture they offer.

You have access to the best living conditions no matter which program and European country you select for your higher education.

According to a student survey, the quality of student’s life is better in Europe as compared to other foreign locations as the International students are welcomed, valued and encouraged in Europe.

  1. International exposure

The high standard of education in Europe has been recognized by Top corporates, internationally. Thus, students who pursue higher education from Europe also have exposure to better opportunities in the job market.

Internet is exploding with tons of information on “Study in Europe” but finding the right university and completing the admission process, can be a daunting task. Moreover, as a student, you might have doubts about Education Gap, fees structure, scholarship opportunities, admission processes etc.

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