Faculty of Medicine: Here is the survival guide for future students

Going into medical studies because you don’t know what to do or because you are attracted to the media image of the profession is a bad idea. Having a “vocation” and an interest in biology is a good place to start. Are you interested in studying medicine and want to know how things really are?

Faculty of Medicine Here is the survival guide for future students

University Choice: Do what intrigues you.

First of all: choose the university based on what you want and not based on what your relatives want.

It is not a foregone conclusion, many children choose this path only for the urges of their parents and clearly afterwards they find themselves in difficulty, having no interest in what they study.

Obviously if you want to study medicine thinking that one day you will become one of those stereotypical doctors of the TV series you follow, you are equally wrong.

Our advice is to do something you like, informing yourself immediately about the job opportunities that the various paths on which you are undecided can offer you.

For example, if the idea is to make a lot of money you would be surprised that there are many better options.

You can choose medicine out of curiosity, because it is the one that allows you to learn more new things, because you like the human body, because there is nothing else that inspires you more, because you are sadistic and you like the work of the doctor, etc.

In short, you just need to care. So get informed with the help of best study abroad consultants in India

Medicine admission test: an obstacle or a first exam?

If after all the considerations, after weighing the pros and cons of each faculty, you decide that the medical world actually interests you, you will have to prepare for the entrance test to Medicine.

But if you are interested in becoming a medical student, this test is nothing more than the first of many exams that you will have to pass in order to graduate.

To pass it, as for any exam, just study. But what is it? Trivially it is a cross test that tests, as you know, your knowledge for subjects such as: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Alternative courses of study

If the medical field interests you, but the medical degree does not suit you, these alternative courses may be for you.


The study of dentistry is structured in a similar way to the medical degree. If you already know that you are particularly interested in this area of ​​medicine, you can specialize with a degree.

Medical technology

If you are more interested in the technical aspects of medicine, for example pacemakers or artificial joints, the medical technology degree is right for you. In addition to medical modules, engineering subjects such as computer science also play a major role in the course.


Master degree in clinical psychology in USA combines natural sciences such as biology and mathematics with the humanities and social sciences. There you dedicate yourself to the human psyche and try to analyse and predict actions and behavior.

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