Germany An Overpowering Force For Indians Students

Germany with its European existence offers a great experience for student’s housing in the world ranked universities, globally valued degree and affordable cost of living for students, the country is one of the top 10 ranked destinations for Indian students. Based on the information provided by authentic sources, there are over 3,57,000 foreign students seeking degree in Germany with engineering ,law ,economics and social sciences being the most preferred disciplines of Indians students.

student visa for Germany - Astron International
In case looking for a student visa for Germany one need to have clarity on the eligibility – if aspiring to pursue a bachelor’s program one need to apply for a completely German taught University – so would have to complete their A1 and A2 levels of German language in India. Those wishing to complete their masters in Germany comply with the required eligibility if they have scored more than 75% in their bachelors – this makes them eligible for free education at English taught public universities in Germany.

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To clarify their free education caters only to words the tuition fees while the hostel and food would be responsibility of the student. As a matter of fact one should not be worried on this account as the above expenses are generally met with a part-time job for 20 hours per week. Along with this the students have to complete the language program while the undergraduates have also to complete the foundation program.

The next vital thing to remember is the creation of a block account in the bank for approx €10,332. This account would cater to your living expenses in Germany for one year. Once this is done the student can move around freely in all the schengen countries holding one single visa. Hope this blog has been able to address your queries with this you a free to go ahead with your dreams to pursue education in Germany.

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