Guide to Study Medicine in Russia

The guide to study Medicine in Russia will help you to clear some doubts regarding this career in the vast country. It is no coincidence that in recent years the number of people who have traveled to the Federation to pursue medical studies has multiplied. Apart from the fact that at present the Russian educational system is considered as the top 3 in the world, its prices are very attractive to foreigners. Especially when it comes to areas as costly, in most countries, as the health field.


Brief guide to study Medicine in Russia:

1- Contact the staff of Medical schools in Russia or consultants for study MBBS in Russia for information.

2- Consultant for study in Russia will offer you details of the cities and universities where you can pursue your degree.

3- Medicine in Russia lasts for 6 years, not counting the pre-university period where you will learn the Russian language.

4-Pre-university is compulsory for all foreigners. Once it is approved, the student will receive a certificate with which they can carry out undergraduate or postgraduate studies at any university in the country.

What city is recommended to do the pre?

To study Medicine in Russia, experts recommend you to complete the pre-university in the city of Belgorod. Specifically, the Belgorod State University has specialized for over 30 years in teaching the Russian language to foreigners.Once the pre is completed you have the option of continuing your career at the institution or moving to another city.

Truth of Medicine in Russia

It is one of the most requested careers in State Universities not only by Russian students, but also by foreign ones. Part of consultant for study in Russia is to fulfill the status of official organization representing higher education institutions, facilitating all registration and travel procedures. In this way, you will have reliable and complete advice before, during and after your arrival at the Federation.

The truth of Medicine in Russia: why is it so sought after?

Part of the truth about Medicine in Russia is that it is in great demand due to the excellent category of its universities and teaching staff. In addition, top Russian universities for MBBS have first-rate scientific and technological equipment. Best of all, the prices are quite favorable for the student when compared to other countries in Europe, the United States, Australia and even some in South America.

How much money does it take to study Medicine in the Russian Federation?

The truth of Medicine in Russia is that it is very cheap in general, despite the fact that costs vary according to the city and universities. For the cheapest locations, the academic cost will be between 1200 and 1800 USD per semester, while the cost of living will not exceed 300 USD monthly. In the most expensive cities Moscow or Saint Petersburg the cost of living is doubled and the academic cost is between 2300 and 4300 USD every six months.

The quality for which everyone wants to study in top medical colleges in Russia

An important fact for which everyone wants to study MBBS course in Russia: it has at least 40 specialized state universities in the area. This means that the educational field of health is essential not only for Russian students, but for foreigners. Of course, each Russian university has its own international prestige, which they have earned because they have qualified professors and high-quality modern technology.

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