Gynecology- The Best Medical Specialty To Study In Russia

Gynecology, also known as Obstetrics, is the medical specialty that is responsible for the care and diagnosis of the female reproductive system. In a literal sense, gynecology has the etymological meaning of “women’s science”.


It is one of the most requested medical postgraduate courses in the world and specifically in Russia it is available at prestigious universities.

The origins of this study even date back to 1800 BC, being one of the first scientific evidences that is recorded in the history of mankind. There are ancient papyri that detail vaginal affections since those times.

Where can you study Gynecology in Russia?

  • Belgorod: Belgorod State Research University
  • Tver: Tver State Medical University
  • Samara: Samara State Medical University
  • Vladivostok: Far Eastern Federal University
  • Kazan: Kazan Federal University and Kazan State Medical University
  • Moscow: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Sechenov University and Pirogov National Medical University
  • Saint Petersburg: Pavlov Medical University
  • Voronezh: Voronezh State Medical University

Why study it in the Federation?

Russia has positioned itself as a medical, scientific and technological power in the world. Its universities have first-class teams to carry out the pertinent practices and studies.

The duration of the medical postgraduate courses is four semesters or two years. While pre-university, which is the study period where every foreigner learns the language, it can last between two or three semesters.

Another highlight is the low cost of studies that studying in Russia represents, compared to other countries of the European Union, the United States, Asia and even some Latin American nations.

The specialist in Gynecology graduated from a Russian university will obtain a prestige that will serve him in any territory.

Russia is a country where more than half of its residents have a university degree. Top medical colleges in Russia offer their students comfortable study and living conditions and help them to adapt to the country.

In Russia there are exchange programs for students of all disciplines- a language course with a cultural program in Saint Petersburg, management in Moscow or exploring the Siberian flora- the possibilities are diverse.

Education in Russia is much more affordable than in the US or the UK. International students also have the option to study for free at the expense of the government budget. Every year Russia accepts students from all over the world, from nearly 170 countries, and you can join them.

Russian universities can be divided according to different criteria.

On the one hand, there are classic universities that distinguish themselves from other universities through a wide range of subjects, academies and universities with specializations that teach and research with a narrow specialist focus, and private universities.

The education system of top medical universities in Russia differs mainly from the Western European study system. The biggest difference is that the principle of research and teaching is not anchored.

However, the Russian government has set itself the goal of improving the quality of higher education and adapting it to international developments in a more targeted manner, as well as strengthening university research.

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