Having Fun And Studying In Russia Go Hand In Hand

Because man does not live by studying alone. You may feel overwhelmed with so much reading or homework, but the good news is that attractions in Russia are free for students. Yes, having fun and studying in Russia go hand in hand.

Effort always brings rewards, so one of the many benefits you have when study medicine in Russia is that having fun is guaranteed. Saint Petersburg is one of the cities with charming places of recreation totally free for students.

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Multiple entertainment options

You would be surprised to know that as a tourist you pay and as a student you enter at no cost. In its historic center you will have a wonderful time and expand your general culture.

If you like to dance salsa and other Latin rhythms, in Moscow’s Gorki Park you will feel at home. They may even roll you a wheel for your musical skills, because Russians love to have fun with these activities.

Some St. Petersburg nightspots have student bars, great for meeting other people, dancing, and enjoying the nightlife.

For those who prefer the adrenaline rush of roller coasters, there are also countless attractions in the Chelyuskintsev Park.

Art, culture and adventure

Art and cultural exhibitions are another entertainment option to enjoy other types of adventures. At the Vorobyovy Gory station of the Moscow metro, you will be amazed by its artistic displays and the majestic panoramic view from its large windows.

You will relax to the maximum. You can also enjoy its more than 200 stations of this impressive metro, cultural heritage. Not in vain do they call it the underground museum.

Close to MBBS in Pavlov first Saint Petersburg state medical university you will find attractive options to ensure that your stay is entertaining. Having fun and studying in Russia is possible.

As you have seen, Russia offers you extraordinary benefits as a student, and if you add to this the possibility of learning a new language, it is a great alternative if you are looking for a foreign university to start studying.

What should you do to study in Russia?

The opportunity to study in Russia may seem remote and exotic in some parts of the world, but the reality is that it has become a more frequently chosen option.

In the last decade, the Russian government has implemented as a state policy a series of programs that are mainly focused on attracting foreign students to the country with affordable budgets and intact academic quality.

To study in Russia it is not necessary to handle any other language other than the country of origin, since every student will do a pre-university period where they will learn Russian, and once they pass it they will obtain the direct quota for the bachelor’s degree, career, master’s degree, medical specialty or PhD of interest, without prior admission exam.

What is needed to set aside a study quota in Russian universities?

The requirements are very simple: Copy of all the pages of the valid passport, copy of the bachelor’s degree or certificate of last year of studies, fill out the registration form and make a deposit of 90 USD to begin the entire process of obtaining a student visa in which best education consultants in India offer full advice.

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