How Can You As A Trauma Nurse Save More Life?

According to statistics, globally in a year 20 million injured people are admitted to hospitals. These injuries results in high disability and mortality rate.

Understanding the severity of this increasing numbers, Governments across the globe are working to reduce the contributing factors and by bringing new safety policies.

Trauma Nurse course

In the Healthcare front, the need of quality treatment with capacity to handle pressure of more incoming Trauma Cases is also rising.

To save more lives and improve Trauma patient care, Trauma Nurses are in huge demand.

Trauma Nurses are immediate staff who are first one to attend and provide medical care to Trauma Patients. These Nurses are intensively trained and skilled to handle Trauma Cases.

A staff nurse can also upgrade her learnings and become Trauma Nurse.

Let’s start with the basics and understand more about Trauma Nursing as a career option.

Who can become a Trauma Nurse?

A Nurse with any of the following education qualification can choose Trauma Nursing as a career:

• General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM)
• B.Sc Nursing

In addition to this, you should know basics of computer knowledge as the courses are on online platform.

Duration of Trauma Nurse Courses?

There are many online courses available for Trauma Nursing. The duration of the programme depend on the speciality you choose.

Typically programme duration vary from 3 month to 6months of time.

For more information please contact on 9650040822.

Trauma Nurse Courses

What do you learn in Trauma Nurse Course?

The Trauma Nursing course focus on following:

  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Care
  • Essential Trauma services
  • Injury severity & Triaging
  • Assessment protocol in trauma
  • Types of injury & Prevalence(as per WHO Classification)
  • Damage Control as per the guidelines
  • Management of Trauma cases as a team member

Why you should consider becoming Trauma Nurse?

  1. Learning Scope

Handling of Trauma cases demands quick thinking and right assessment of patient’s condition in a very stressful condition.

As a Trauma Nurse, you gain extensive knowledge to handle the Trauma cases. It also improve your potential and management skills to supervise your team.

  1. Better Career Opportunity

With the increasing demand of better healthcare facilities, the need of skilled Trauma Nurse has also escalated.

Trauma Nurse can work in Trauma Centres, Burn Units, critical care units, emergency Medical services or anywhere trauma patients are admitted and need immediate help.

  1. Better Salary Package

Along with better opportunities to choose from, a Trauma Nurse can easily earn 60% higher than a staff nurse.

With more experience in Trauma Nursing, the package can further go higher than this.

  1. High Rewards

The role of a Nurse is rewarding. Besides this, as a Trauma Nurse you learn skills and save many lives on a daily basis.

Benefits for Hospitals

As a Hospital one needs trained and certified Nurses to handle Emergency cases better.

Helping nurses to upskill and become Trauma Nurses can substantially improve the quality care needed in Hospital’s Emergency Care Services.

If you wish to know more about the Trauma Nurse Course or any have questions, contact on 9650040822 or leave your query on

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