How to Get a Master’s Degree at A USA university?

For Indians who have completed a bachelor’s degree in their home country, a master’s degree abroad is a great chance to get an education with international recognition, to engage in research, to get a favourable offer and to start a managerial career. In addition, make useful acquaintances and broaden your horizons.

Master's Degree at A USA

In American universities, a Master’s degree and is divided into 3 profiles:

  1. Master of Arts;
  2. Master of Science;
  3. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

How long does it take?

The period of master’s degree in USAis usually two years. Some universities offer accelerated or dual training programs that make it possible to obtain a coveted diploma faster and with greater benefit.

The cost of hospital management course in USA

The price for a year of study on programs can vary in tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the rating of the university and the chosen specialty.

Documents for receipt:

Each university has the right to set its own requirements for admission, but usually the list of necessary documents is:

  • Bachelor’s degree or transcript
  • Certificate of English (not lower than B2)
  • Professional test results – MCAT for physicians and GMAT for business specialties
  • Motivational letter
  • Recommendations of teachers from the current university

The greatest number of questions for entrants is the writing of a motivational letter. Indeed, this form of self-presentation is not common in Indian schools and universities. Study overseas education consultants have collected several recommendations for writing a motivational letter. Perhaps they will inspire you and help you to present yourself as profitable as possible to the admissions committee.

When to start preparing for admission in hospital management in USA?

American universities themselves set deadlines for applications, but in general the correlation is the following: the more prestigious the university, the sooner you need to prepare and submit documents. For example, for admission to Ivy League universities, the optimal preparation period is 1.5 years. In less-rated schools, applications are usually accepted until the end of spring.

Pre-Master’s is your place in the master’s degree

Pre-Master’s program has been created especially for foreign applicants who need pre-training before entering the master’s degree. You should take this opportunity if:

  • No self-confidence
  • There are gaps in knowledge on relevant subjects
  • Feel fear of a new culture, language barrier
  • Competition for a place at the University of Dreams is too high

The program usually lasts up to a year. During this time, the student studies specialized subjects for the future degree and English. In addition, Pre-Master’s gives time to adapt to the new environment and education system. The master’s program at American universities is usually very busy, and there is no time to get used to it.

You can read more about Pre-Master’s courses, their structure and training directions in our article.

Admission to master’s degree with Overseas Education Consultants 

Study abroad consultants in India will help you choose the best course and university for admission to the master’s degree, provide comprehensive information on the specifics of admission and study.


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