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Every language has different ways to explain things, ideas, and emotions. People use their languages to specify what they want to convey. Each language has a different set of phrases and idioms to convey those feelings and emotions that have some special meaning differently. In English, we use idioms and phrases to express emotions. Using idioms and phrases helps in the reduction of sentences, therefore, one can use a fewer number of words when they use these idioms and phrases. So, the same thing can be conveyed in fewer words.

An Idiom is an expression that has no real meaning. It is an expression that cannot be directly understood by reading every word and only conveys meaning when put in a sentence.

A phrase, on the other hand, is a compound verb coupled with adverb and preposition. The phrase also has no meaning of its own and only conveys meaning when put in a sentence.

How are Idioms and Phrases in English language useful for the IELTS Test?

Lexical Resource criterion focuses on the range of vocabulary a candidate uses. Generally, the wider the range of vocabulary or expression used correctly and appropriately, the better a candidate will score. While you’re preparing for your IELTS test, you need to learn a variety of English idioms and phrases to have a good impact on your examiner. Through this, the examiner gets an idea of how good your language is. 

The student should learn as many idioms and phrases to sound more like a native user of that language. When these idioms and phrases, used in the correct context, help students to get a good band score in IELTS exams. 

Now let’s follow the article to learn about some of the common idioms and phrases for the IELTS Test.

Common Idioms & Phrases to Help You Crack Your IELTS Test

Although using language with idioms and phrases is important in the IELTS speaking exam, it must sound natural. The candidates have to be comfortable and careful using idioms and phrases and must not use a lot of them. 

We have prepared the list of 10 idioms and 10 phrases for you to learn about and understand when they can be used. Think about how you can utilize these to talk about yourself and which questions they could be used to answer.

The list of Idiom is as follow

  • To get off scot-free 

Meaning: Avoid punishment for doing something that deserves punishment.

Example: Although the police caught her red-handed, the judge said there wasn’t enough evidence and he got off scot free.

  • A Herculean task 

Meaning: the activity or task taking up a lot of energy or effort, a tough job

Example: It is going to be a Herculean task for the government to stabilise the economy during this pandemic.

  • To leave no stone unturned

Meaning: do everything that is possible in order to achieve something, make every possible effort

Example: The researcher left no stone unturned in her search for the ancient manuscript of Lord Buddha. 

  • Foregone conclusion

Meaning: An inevitable result.

Example: After how poorly the basketball team has played so far this season, it’s a foregone conclusion that they won’t make it to the championship.

  • To Face the Music

Meaning: receive punishment, accept unpleasant consequences of your actions

Example: If you have done something wrong, you have to face the music. There’s no escaping out of it. 

  • Fresh as a daisy

Meaning: Someone who is lively and attractive, in a clean, fresh way.

Example: My sister has been traveling for almost 24 hours, and she’s still as fresh as a daisy. 

  • Couch potato

Meaning: Spending too much time on the internet or watching TV.

Example: My uncle is such a couch potato! He often spends his Saturdays watching American football on TV.  

  • Give it my best shot

Meaning: Try your hardest.

Example: This test question is really tough! I’ll give it my best shot, and I’ll get some marks for doing my best.

  • A bad egg

Meaning: Someone who is untrustworthy.

Example: Hey, Sue, I think your neighbor is a bad egg. He has these scary-looking guys in black leather hanging around his place all the time.

  • Down to earth

Meaning: Someone who is practical and realistic.

Example: My aunt Karen is so down to earth. She can figure out any difficult situation, and offer a good solution.

The list of Phrases is as follows: 

  • Come up with

Meaning: produce or create (something), especially when pressured or challenged.
Example:  You need to come up with a solution to fix this issue all in all.

  • Show up 

Meaning:  to Appear
Example: The movie started at 9:00 PM, but he did not show up even until 9:30 PM.

  • Stick with

Meaning: To continue with
Example: I suggest you to stick with this concept as it can be applied to most of the technical issues.

  • Regardless of

Meaning: without being affected by any other events or conditions.
Example: You can tell me the truth regardless of what you have in your mind.

  • Point out 

Meaning: Explaining with attention
Example: After pointing out the mistake, I could do that math now.

  • Take advantage of 

Meaning: Make good use of the opportunity.
Meaning: To learn English grammar, you need to take advantage of school library books.

  • Take over

Meaning: An act of taking control
Example: After him, his sons will take over the company.

  • Turn out 

Meaning: Prove to be that case.
Example: The project turned out to be beyond our team skills.

  • Work out 

Meaning: Possible to be solved.
Example: Although this decision can have a bigger impact, we can work out for a better understanding.

  •  Pick up 

Meaning: Receive or take something
Example: My luck has picked up after my hard work.

Idioms add color to your conversation and help us to read between the lines (understand the hidden purpose)and Phrases allows us to make our communication skills better, through both written and spoken language.By learning more idioms and phrasal verbs, will build your vocabulary and help you to improve your lexical resources. It will then help to increase your band score and lead to test-day success. 

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