Is It Easy or Difficult To Study Medicine In Russia?

Russia is one of the best positioned European countries in this field and one of the most sought after for medical study and research. Russia has a great reputation thanks to its successful graduates who stand out for their professionalism in the area of ​​health throughout the world.

top medical colleges in Russia

When we hear the name of Russia, we imagine a distant country, difficult to access and very expensive, so the idea of ​​studying there becomes something unreal and unattainable and much more if we talk about a career as demanded and complete as medicine.

It is important to know that in Russia, studies are subsidized by the state through the federal budget for the most part, that is why the costs of studying there are much cheaper than other countries such as the US.

How long is the medical degree in Russia?

The medical degree in Russia medical colleges lasts 6 years including the defense of the thesis to obtain the medical degree, less than it normally lasts in all Latin American countries.

Why does it last 6 years including the defense of the thesis?

To explain the duration of studies, details about MBBS admission in Russia and qualifications in Russia we must first indicate that the studies are full-time and the workload is important.

The studies in the medical career in Russia take place in two stages: preclinical (from the first to the third year) and clinical (from the fourth to the sixth year).

In the first stage, the theoretical foundations of the profession are studied, knowledge of clinical practice is also imparted (disciplines on the care of patients with therapeutic and surgical pictures, general surgery courses, an introductory course on internal diseases, clinical activities).

The second stage involves the transition to the cyclical form of studies, to the so-called clinical departments. The learning process is based on the principles of continuity, demanding a maximum assimilation of the total knowledge imparted at each level of the continuous development of the form of the activities of the students, close to the professional activity of a doctor.

Particular attention is paid to increasing student participation. For this, when the educational process is developed, special emphasis is given to student participation in the personal supervision of patients in clinical condition.

Finally, the thesis that every student presents to obtain the medical degree is a complete development in which, based on the study and synthesis of current problems, individual solutions of a scientific-practical problem are proposed. The final thesis work is completed at the end of the studies are subject to a mandatory review.

The support of the thesis is to allow students who have completed the full course of study and who have passed all the tests and examinations established by the curriculum.

Life in Russia is a unique and invaluable experience. Along with a good education system, you will gain tremendous life experience in a civilized, prosperous country. The Russian people are people with a kind heart and good upbringing who will not refuse to help anyone.

It doesn’t matter what race or country you belong to, you will be greeted with deep respect and great joy, which is why most students who want to live outside the dorm tend to rent a room in a family-style apartment. If you compare housing prices in Russia with prices in other European countries, then living in Russia is much cheaper.

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