Is It Important to Study a Medical Specialty?

Students in the higher groups before entering the university need to know clearly what a specialty and bachelor’s degree is, because each form of education has its own nuances, advantages and disadvantages. By carefully comparing and considering your own plans, you can make the right choice.

Is it important to study a medical specialty

Medical specialties are the postgraduate studies carried out by medical graduates in order to prepare in a specific area of ​​the human body, learning specific surgical techniques or a specific diagnostic method.

Studying a medical specialty is important as this helps to grow personally and professionally; specialty studies are carried out both theoretically and practically, getting to know every detail and correct functioning of a specific area of ​​the human body.

Specialty is a traditional form of training, aimed at preparing for work in a particular sector. As a result, a person has not only the basic skills but also in-depth knowledge in the chosen field.

In Russia the practices of the specialty are carried out in Russian health centres and hospitals, it is important to carry out these practices so that the professional manages to develop the necessary skills to optimally execute the different protocols, procedures and treatments necessary to improve quality life span of patients.

International recognition

Those doctors who perform a medical specialty in Russia have great international prestige due to different specialized centrespresent in Russia such as the Medical University of Saratov, the North-Western State Medical University of Russia “Mechnikov”, the Russian University Friendship of the Peoples RUDN (Moscow), and the Belgorod State University among others.

Professional Contacts

Studying the specialty in Russia benefits you by expanding your group of professional contacts, this is a great advantage when making a consultation with a colleague, or making a strategic alliance, remember that colleagues who study MBBS in Northern State Medical University can become doctors at high positions in their country of origin.


In Russia, unlike other countries, there is a large number of vacancies in medical specialties for foreigners, in addition to providing different facilities in terms of requirements, application and registration.

Specialty time

Medical specialties in Russia last two years full time, however “in these two years” the same number of hours (both studies and internships) is done as in a 3-year medical specialty program, this is a great advantage in both time and money invested.

Affordable prices

The prices in Russia compared to the prices of studying medical specialties in universities and health training centres in other American countries are quite cheap, this is due to the various reduced-cost programs that exist for foreign students. What do you think about this topic? Would you like to study a medical specialty in Russia? If you want to know about how to study in Russia, you can contact the experts of Astron International.

Which is better – a specialty or bachelor’s degree?

Determining that a specialist or a bachelor is better, it is important to understand that when choosing the first program a person develops a specific profession, and in the second case he receives a general education in a particular field. In addition, it is worth considering how much time the student is spending on his studies and whether he is interested in making a future in the field.

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