Is MBBS abroad better than taking a drop – what is the right step for a LOW Neet scorer

Is MBBS abroad better than taking a drop what is the right step for a LOW Neet scorerMost individuals attempt to interpret low NEET scores as the demise of a student’s dream. In actuality, there are numerous paths to a prosperous medical profession. This post will teach you about the benefits and drawbacks of enrolling in NEET.

Experiment with Missing a Year for NEET

A drop year teaches you a lot whether you succeed or not. Through my experience of dropping a year for NEET, I learned that hard work could overcome all obstacles, and I no longer have any reservations about my ability. Before dropping, I had self-doubt, but the experience of doing so provided me with much more than simply a place at a reputable medical school. If I had enrolled in even the top private medical school (I had graduated from Manipal with a respectable rank) or chosen a different course, I would have continued to doubt my abilities. The experience of dropping a year helped me believe in myself more than anything else. It helped me understand that anything is achievable with diligence and careful planning.

The following are some benefits (pros) of dropping for NEET:

  • It’s advantageous to work hard for a whole year without thinking about schoolwork, board examinations, board results, etc., because you may aim for the target directly (NEET-UG).
  • If you put in the effort, you can review the material covered in coaching sessions the same day, which will help you remember it better. I didn’t bother to go back home and review what I had taken notes on when I went to coaching at school; I took notes on what was being taught in the classes. The day before the test, if there were a paper, I would practice the biology section thoroughly, occasionally skipping Physics and Chemistry.
  • In a drop year, you have plenty of time to practice questions at home, whereas in school, you have to cram in time only to review the material, let alone have plenty of time to practice questions.
  • If you have a medium range of scores, such as 400–500, you can easily attain 525–625+ and gain 100–125 marks in the NEET (respectively).
  • A greater gain is usually noticed following a decrease in lower marks (400). Folks who have improved their scores from 350 to 550 are people I know.
  • Several of my close friends who dropped out of school to take the NEET all got into top institutions on their second try. But I must point out that they were all diligent workers.


It’s not as simple as it seems to take a drop. You suffer psychologically, physically, and emotionally as a result of it. You would frequently observe your friends having fun at their campuses. You would regret not enrolling in the private medical school you were offered or the subpar course at the subpar university in a subpar city. There is no substitute for hard work, so keep working hard. Although hard labor is still necessary for success, smart work and careful planning are success catalysts.


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