Manual For Studying Medicine In Russia

admission-in-russian-medical-collegesDo you want to do medical studies abroad to live new cultural experiences, with a high teaching level and with economic budgets? Here is a brief manual for medicine study in Russia for Indian students:

1- Get in touch with best and certified foreign education consultants in India to carry out the procedures for obtaining quota and registration in the main Federal and State institutions of Russia.

2- Choose the Russia MBBS University of your Preference for the pre-university period where you will learn the Russian language, upon completion you can continue the study of Medicine at the same institution or request a change to another if you wish. All studies are face-to-face.

3-For the pre-university you will not present any admission test, by delivering the documents requested by our advisors you will have your place guaranteed. At the end of the pre, you will have to pass a simple exam to evaluate your level of language learned and continue with the beginning of the degree.

4- Keep in mind that the minimum period of stay in Russia for a person who wishes to study Medicine is 7 years. 2 semesters of pre-university and 12 of career. Although pre-university could be extended to 3 semesters if you decide to travel during the month of March.

5- Studying Medicine in Russia guarantees you: teaching and academic excellence through the most modern teaching methods, first-class technological tools throughout the career, affordable living costs and an experience that will mark you for life in the personal for the better.

Training in all programs is carried out only in Russian. It is necessary for the foreign applicant to have proficiency in the Russian language, but Moscow State University Faculty of Medicine also offers preparatory programs for international students who have no knowledge of the language.

To start, you have to be clear about what you want to study. This will help you choose the best center within your interests.

There are many advantages of studying medicine in Russia, which hosts the world’s important commercial centers, touristic structures and unique landmarks.

The first is that living costs are very low. We can say that studying in a country with such low living costs is an extremely attractive option for many people who want to study abroad, especially.

Russia, where living costs are low, has proven its success in education with its long-established and old universities, with a tradition that has been going on for years.

It would not be wrong to say that the advantage of living in one of the cheapest countries in the world is the first choice for many, while receiving a qualified education at the best universities in the world.

Kazan State Medical University is one of the other important schools where you can study Medicine in Russia. Kazan State Medical University, a well-established and international university, offers a successful and qualified education opportunity, especially in terms of medical education

The university, which proves and exhibits its success in medical education in every aspect, is an ideal choice for those who want to study MBBS in Kazan state medical university.

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