Master’s Degree In UK: What Does It Offer?

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Although the UK does not occupy much of the world geographically, it is a major player in the world in terms of economy, cultural influence and higher education system.

England is the second most preferred country after America for education abroad. Those who successfully complete their undergraduate education are accepted to master and postgraduate education in the UK.

Postgraduate, master and MBA programs last for 1 year. Compared to America, Canada and other leading countries, master’s programs in the UK are 1 year shorter.

This saves students money and time as well as allowing them to start their careers 1 year early by finishing the UK’s master’s program, which is respected worldwide, early.

It is no coincidence that thousands of students from all over the world receive a master’s degree in the UK. So why is UK graduate education so preferred?

There are several top universities for nursing UK renowned for their quality of education and research.

Master’s degree from the UK highly respected by employers

For international students studying in the UK, English is no longer a problem throughout their lives. You can take a step forward in business life with fluent English.

England offers an environment where students from all over the world create a cultural synthesis and create a great network. It is an ideal place for self-improvement, academic study in a multicultural environment.

By mastering in the UK, you can raise your career prospects.

By mastering in the UK, you will have an internationally recognized diploma.

With the unlimited resources and opportunities offered by universities in England, you can deepen and shape your studies.

Postgraduate Types in the UK

The UK offers many program alternatives for those who want to study at postgraduate level. Currently, there are around 55 thousand program alternatives in the UK.

There are 2 types of master programs in the UK, taught and research:

Taught Master Programs

As the name suggests, most of your education will be around seminars, group work and lectures. It usually takes 1 year. In some departments, it can take 2 years.

Unlike studying at the undergraduate level, graduate students are expected to present and lead group seminars, but each time you do this you will understand how much it improves you. Assessment will be based on taking certain exams, preparing pay and presentations throughout the year.

Most taught master’s programs include a thesis, extended assignment or project. If you intend to pursue a post-master’s degree, you should take a course called research methods. The aim of this course is to gain academic research method skills.

There are 4 main types of taught master program:

  1. Master of Arts (MA)
  2. Master of Science (MSc)
  3. Master of Business (MBA)
  4. Master of Engineering (MEng)

Research Master Programs

Education in the research master program requires a deeper and more original study of the field of interest under the direction of an academic, so the workload is heavier.

The duration is longer than the taught master, it takes about 2 years. Research master programs must have a thesis. Research master programs, which are mostly preferred by students who aim to become academicians afterwards, provide a significant advantage in doctoral admission.

Research master’s programs are also called Master of Science (MSc), masters in nursing UK, Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Master of research (MRes).

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