Medical Admission- Transfer To Foreign Country And Scholarship

Today, more and more universities offer medical education programs in English. It should be noted that the competition for these programs in Europe is constantly growing, as more and more students from English-speaking countries seek to get an inexpensive medical education abroad. This is because the cost of studying at state European universities is much lower than the prices at universities in the USA, Great Britain or Australia.

medical admission

When enrolling in such a program, it will be necessary to take into account that among the competitors there will be not only applicants from English-speaking countries but also the best graduates of schools in local countries who want to study in English.

Transfer to a foreign university for medical studies

While studying medicine in India, it is possible to study MBBS in Russia in english, but for this, it will take a number of formalities to prove that you are ready for medical education. Most of the documents will coincide with the requirements for applicants entering the first year, with the exception of information on disciplines already completed.

Firstly, this will require passing entrance exams to the university, including examinations in the language of instruction, or providing an appropriate international certificate. Secondly, you need to make an extract of grades from the university, where it is necessary to demonstrate several basic elements.

Student performance – should be higher than the average student performance of the university where the transfer is planned.

A number of courses and exams. In Europe, the number of courses completed will be evaluated in ECTS points.

Course duration.

A brief description of the courses (curriculum) – will speed up the process of matching curricula.

Each case of transfer from university to university is considered individually, after which the selection committee decides which course the student will be transferred to. It happens that the selection committee does not agree to transfer the student to the appropriate university course. The decision depends on the difference in curricula in different countries, as well as on the competition.

Popular scholarships for medical education abroad

In many countries, there are scholarships designed specifically for medical students. Most often, they are awarded by top Russian universities for MBBS to the most talented and capable students. There are scholarships for students of undergraduate programs, as well as for those studying in the magistracy.

For example, at the University of Edinburgh there are scholarships for both categories, and the citizenship of the United Kingdom, or citizens of Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic or Poland, can apply for the scholarship. Similar scholarships, but for undergraduates, exist at Carolina University, the University of Glasgow, and the University of Amsterdam.

King’s College London annually gives out a scholarship of 9 thousand pounds, which is intended only for students of the program “World Health and Public Medicine”, and at the Queen Mary’s University of London, there are scholarships for students in need.

There are also national scholarships that are issued by special funds. Among them are the Carl Duisburg scholarship to study at German universities, the Novo Nordisk scholarship from Denmark and John Snow grants to study medicine in Australia and New Zealand.

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