Medical Universities in Russia: The Most Sought After

Thinking of studying medicine in Moscow? It is much easier than you probably thought at first. The Russian capital, with 18 million inhabitants, is the second most populous in all of Europe, second only to Istanbul in Turkey. The opportunities given by its universities are as wide as the number of people who live there.

Making the decision of the career that you will study is something very big and important, and more so if it is Medicine. That is why you should always look for the best options at your disposal, such as medical universities in Russia.


Undoubtedly, this country is full of possibilities and opportunities that will make you grow both personally and professionally.

To start a career in the health area, you must feel passion, vocation, have the desire and strength to choose the medical career of your choice every day.

It is no secret to anyone that medicine is not simple, but with perseverance and with the help of the best, you can be the professional you have always dreamed of. Russia offers you many advantages and benefits in every way, from quality education, world-renowned universities to affordable prices.

When starting a student life in Russia, it is to be expected that classes will be in the Russian language, but do not worry, because all universities have a pre-university period.

This period is the one in charge of teaching you the language to perfection, so you will not have problems during your career and in a professional future.

So, not only will you start a university career, you will also have the opportunity to add a new language to your list.

Russia is a country whose inhabitants are usually very kind and gentle people, who are able to help you when you need it.

In addition, it should be noted that this place is one of the favorite destinations for thousands of foreign students around the world, in fact, it is considered the best student destination in all of Europe.

Here we have prepared a list of universities in Russia for international students to carry out medical studies, either undergraduate or graduate. Stay until the end to know each one of them.

List of universities to study Medicine in Moscow

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia– Formerly known as Patrice Lumumba University, it is one of the institutions that symbolizes the integration of world nations.

Sechenov University: Founded in the 1700s, it is one of the oldest medical institutions not only in the Federation, but in all of Europe.

Lomosonov Moscow State University: It is the best positioned in the main teaching and academic evaluation rankings in all of Russia, with notable international prestige.

Russian National Medical University in Honor of Pirogov: At present it is under the domain of the Russian Ministry of Development and Health, being one of the best equipped in the entire Federation.

How can you study in Moscow?

Top education consultants in India will offer you an advice where you can set aside pre-university quota, obtain a place in the student residence and manage the student visa.

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