MSc In Universities Of The Uk: Information For University Graduates

In one of the articles of our blog, we have already written about the features of the magistracy in foreign countries. In this post, we want to consider in more detail the studies on Master’s programs in the UK.

The UK is one of the most sought-after countries for higher education. Education in this country is adapted for international students who have the opportunity to gain international knowledge, rather than narrowly focused, applicable only in the United Kingdom.

What is a master’s degree at universities in the UK?

A master’s degree is a qualification that is awarded to students who have achieved specific results in studying a particular specialty. In simple words, this is a diploma that students receive from an existing bachelor’s degree, obtained at the University of India or abroad.

The program for a master’s degree is quite complicated in UK universities. It consists of two parts: academic and scientific (writing a master’s work or a project).

The duration of the Master’s program at the University of Great Britain. The stationary program of study lasts as a rule 1 or 2 years, depending on the specialty. Part-time training may take about four years. Usually, studying at universities in the UK for a master’s program begins at the end of September, or at the beginning of October. Some universities also offer a winter start in January or February.

Types of Master’s Degrees in British Universities There are two main types of master’s programs in British universities: academic (Taught) and research (Research).

Difference between MA and MSc qualifications

Very often, the university offers to study the same specialty, for example, “economics,” but with further qualification MA (Master of Arts) or MSc (Master of Sciences). As a rule, an MA (Master of Arts) degree includes humanitarian subjects, such as history, media, communications, or literature, or offers to study a specialty more generally, without delving into research. MSc (Master of Sciences) programs focus on the scientific approach to learning and research. Very often, this qualification is inherent in specialties such as IT, medicine, psychology, and others.

Two-thirds of the undergraduate degree programs are enrolled in the in-patient department; the rest of the course is self-study. For example, you can attend about ten seminars or lectures in a week, but you will be expected to spend 30 – 35 hours of working time per week in self-study.

Very often, students ask me a question: can I go to the University of Great Britain with a diploma from a local university? Of course, yes, university diplomas in Ukraine are recognized abroad. The most necessary thing is to comply with university requirements for applicants.

Visit the department of employment of the university, find out which companies the university cooperates with. Be sure to attend job shows and send your resume to companies that you are most interested in.

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