NEET Preparation Strategy And Important Tips

Seeking A stethoscope around the neck of a child is an invaluable dream, which majority of the parents see with their eyes open.

The dream which reflects in the eyes of their Parents, Grandparents to see their child with a stethoscope around the neck and serving well to the society as a DOCTOR. By being a lifesaver. Here are we to support you in seeing a Happy light in your parents eyes.

Few suggestions to fair well in your NEET exam:

NEET Preparation Tips - Astron International

  1. Continuous Hard Work

Learning happens well with understanding. This starts from day to day practice. One needs to be consistent in learning and grasping the technique of various concepts, put in few hours of study to recapitulate the concepts each day.

  1. Stay Disciplined

Management of time is the most important aspect during the preparation time. Always value the time you get and try to manage it well be dividing it wisely. Make your daily routine by giving time to your classes, coaching, family and some stress busters (Like Playing/Exercises). Above all allocate some time for some self study. Do not procrastinate and try to avoid excessive use of mobile phones or watching television.

  1. Composure

Panic can always create an unwarranted situation and reduce your positive output. It is extremely important to stay composed and calm. This will keep your nerves in control and make you confident for ‘D’ day and success would be just waiting for you.

  1. Clear all your Doubts

If you have doubts in understanding any concepts, always consult your teachers to solve them in time. After doubts get cleared, always make sure to practice thoroughly.

Mind Mapping - Astron International

5.  Mind Mapping-

Students always get confused and ask how much time one should study to attain good scores in the NEET exam. It is always suggested to start NEET preparation immediately after board exam. Mind mapping would always be beneficial to cover the syllabus. Revision – a vital component should be taken up on a serious note. Divide time equally for Physics/Chemistry/Biology.



6. Some Tips for the Subjects Physics

  • Physics– Requires clear conceptualization and undivided attention while solving problems.
  • Learn your formulas well
  • Solve sample papers of preceding years to improve your accuracy and speed.
  • Do not miss on carefully studying these chapters –

   -Electro Statics     -Heat and Thermodynamics     -Kinematic
   -Laws of motion   -Magnetic effect of current and magnetism

Chemistry - Astron International Chemistry – requires a thorough understanding of concepts, formulas, valancies and equations.

Most Important Topics to be taken up are –

    •  Organic– Aromatic Compounds, Biomolecules, Carbonyl compounds, General organic chemistry IUPAC and Isomerism.
    •  Inorganic – Chemical Bonding, Coordination compounds, I and S block, D and F block, Metallurgy, Periodic Table.
    • Physical – Chemical Equilibrium, Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Solid state, Electrochemistry.


Biology - Astron International

  • Biology – divided into Botany and Zoology requires a rigorous practice. Apart from the main biology, Plant Physiology, Ecology, Cell, Biology, Human Physiology, Biomolecules hold equal significance.

         Important Topics you should study are:

  • Biological Classification
  • Ecology
  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Basic of Inheritance
  • Reproduction in Flowering Plants

In addition to the above, hold a sustained morale and determination to have an undistracted focus and work hard to see the Happy Light in your Parents eyes.

Good Luck

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