Pursue MS in Healthcare Management in USA

The field of health care and services management refers to the management of all programs and institutions providing care and services to improve the health of communities. This is to plan and manage all care and services to best meet the needs of the community.

The program in brief

Master’s degree in health economics in USA is the only program that offers 360-degree training on all roles performed by health facility managers. This certification is for those who want to carve their career as consultants, planner, manager, analyst or doctoral student in public health. The degree aims to train candidates for better performance of the organization to improve the health of populations.

Who is this program for?

This program is aimed at a varied clientele, such as:

  • Baccalaureate graduates from different fields, such as management, economics, industrial relations, law, pharmacy, communications or others;
  • Health professionals, in public health, international cooperation or management or quality and safety of care and services, wishing to convert or evolve by occupying managerial positions.


Master's degree in health economics in USA

Options Health System Management

Upon completion of MSc healthcare economics in USA, students will be able to pursue careers as managers, advisors, analysts or planners at the various levels of health systems intervention at the local level: regional, provincial, national or international.

Option Using Research for Health Services Improvement

Heath economics program in USA develops the capacity and leadership to design, implement, and evaluate research projects. Sustainedevidence-informed improvements that can transform the health system. This Master’s option is for students who wish to acquire the skills necessary to play the roles of Change Leaders and are able to lead, achieve and sustain improvement initiatives within their organizations and the health system.

Key Objectives:

  1. Train qualified managers and professionals in quality management and health risk, both at the provincial, national and international levels
  2. Train skilled managers and professionals in care and service partnerships at the provincial, Canadian and international levels
  3. Stimulate exchanges and comparisons between health systems that have built their quality and risk management profile differently
  4. Establish a network of high caliber professionals at the international level.
  5. Specific objectives to develop knowledge and skills on:
  6. Mastery of quality/safety concepts and evaluation in health systems
  7. Approval of tools and methods for continuous improvement of quality/safety and performance
  8. The ability to develop a quality/safety approach or programs and improve performance within the institutions by engaging patients/users and relatives.
  9. The ability to implement partnership approaches to care and services.

Nursing Management Option (Joint with the Faculty of Nursing)

UK Nursing Program is designed to train highly qualified managers, analysts, and professionals who will be able to take on critical roles in addressing issues affecting both the health services issue than the more specific management of nursing services. Once the training is complete, students will be prepared to exercise professional leadership, in interdisciplinary contexts and a variety of practice settings, to optimize the organization of nursing care and to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of nursing services and health services.

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