Resume NEET Preparation: Pointers for Drop-Outs 2020

NEET Preparation Tips

In this article, we have tried to solve the dilemma of those students preparing for NEET in their dropper year. This article is an attempt to help such aspirants to formulate a preparation strategy that will not let them down.

  1. Make a Chart of mistakes and Identify your shortcomings

    To attain success, aspirants need to analyze their areas of expertise and weaknesses and devise a method to make the most out of them. They must make a robust roadmap to gradually eliminate or, at least, minimize the impact of such limitations. As we all know that, our last mistake is our best teacher. It teaches you where you need to improve or on which topic you need to work hard upon. Aspirants must have a proper list of what went wrong during the last NEET attempt and must try to overcome that one by one during their preparation.

    Accepting the reason behind why you could not clear the test is very important to start afresh. Aspirants must be honest with themselves while preparing this list. If they do not accept their weakness, they will not be able to overcome it and perform better in the next attempt.

  2. Manage your time and prepare a Time Table

    Time management is a key ingredient for cracking any competitive exam. Despite having great potential, aspirants often fail to crack an examination because they misconceive not having adequate time. Aspirants must create a timetable and a timeline for course completion and allocate time for revision and should work towards its disciplined execution right from the beginning. Students can also opt for an online coaching crash course instead of traditional classes if they have attended them during the previous year. This will help students in saving time, be cost-effective, and also help them to avoid a lot of distractions.

    Aspirants must note that self-study is an important part of the preparation. Preparing a new time-table that dedicates 6-8 hours for self-study will be very beneficial. Balancing time for every chapter, hours of studying, time for a single topic, all that combine and make an effective routine. You have to make a time-table that gives common weightage combined every subject and can be religiously followed.

  3. Fix a Target

    Students must aim of how much they want to score out of 720. A student cannot hit a target if he/she does not know what it is. Fixing up a target during NEET preparation for droppers implies they have to aim for the desired score of what they want to get and work accordingly. Aspirants must always aim for a high during the preparation of NEET, as aiming high helps in boosting the aspirants to do the hard work. With regular practice, proper preparation, and revision, aspirants can achieve any target score of NEET. A decent target for droppers would be 650+ but this decision is up to the student. While fixing up a target NEET score, students can analyze the cutoffs of their dream medical colleges, in which they want to get enrolled.

  4. Mark out Important Topics

    A solid study plan with deadlines written on paper where students can track their progress is of great importance. Students must know that they cannot spend the same amount of time and energy on all the topics. So, they must define topics into the following categories:

    . Important but easy.
    . Important and difficult.
    . Not very important.

    Most of the time and energy of the aspirants must be utilized in transforming the “Important and difficult” category topics into the “Important but easy” category. Other categories must be given time for practice.

  5. Practice Mock Test and previous year Question Papers

    Mock tests and previous year question papers are the most important resources. It is advised to practice solving the papers from the beginning and as the NEET exam approaches students must give more focus to these. Mock tests give the aspirants exposure to questions of varying levels. This helps students in strengthening their NEET preparation for the exam day.

    Students must also analyze the questions posted in the previous years. Many questions are repeated in the NEET examination every year. Going through the NEET question paper of previous years will help you get these questions correct.

  6. Stay positive, focused and avoid negativity

    The biggest challenge for students in their dropper year is to remain focused. It is advised to students to never compare themselves with others. The students can stay connected with their friends and seek guidance from those who know about NEET preparation and can give them constructive suggestions.

    It is also advised to not get caught up in the entire course that they have to revise once again. It might seem like a horrifying task to give it a fresh start. The students must prepare themselves psychologically and make sure that they adhere to their timelines in order to boost their confidence significantly.

  7. Do NCERT based preparations

    As compared to all study material available in the market for the NEET examination, NCERT is the one with the most simple language. NCERT gives very direct to-the-point solutions to all sorts of problems that a student faces while preparing for NEET. Even the NEET Experts and Toppers too opine using NCERT books.

    It has been observed that around 70 to 80 percent of the overall questions in NEET are derived from NCERT textbooks or are advanced derivatives of the same. The aspirants must ensure to master each topic, concept, and question present in NCERT before graduating to other reference books.

  8. Do revisions periodically

    Revision is the wrap-up of all the preparation the student has done for the whole year. Even when a drop year is hitting, aspirants are advised to revise to the fullest and give their best in it.

    Aspirants are advised to practice and revise the NEET problems regularly. Practice makes students not just perfect but also registers the topics permanent in their brains.

Your desire and passion for your goal are the biggest inspiration to study more and more effectively. So cheer up, you know you have the caliber. You might have lost last time but believe that this time you are going to rock.

Good luck with the NEET Examination! Prove your spirit this year.

Happy Studying!

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