School Nursing Courses are The Best!

One of the main topics of the nursing profession is health education. It is an added value in our professional field. We do not have to forget that Nursing professionals have a high sense of responsibility and commitment in the prevention, protection, and promotion of health. The school is the ideal place to develop Health Education programs since it welcomes the entire population of children and adolescents during the compulsory education stage and allows to change and incorporate new health habits.

Unfortunately, school nursing is one of the pending subjects of the Indian educational system. Its implementation allows for improving the quality of life of children, their families, and all educational professionals.

When we talk about school nursing, what do we mean?

From Astron International, we refer to the nurse professional who works the entire school day in the educational centers.

Many other nurses, intervene punctually with specific actions through vaccination campaigns, training in different aspects for both students and teachers, but Astron International believes that we must be immersed in the Educational Community of schools and work together and on the day with all the professionals who participate in the educational process of the students.

In the future, it would be desirable, as in many other nursing fields, the recognition of the specialty. And yes, we believe and empower it one of the fundamental objectives of study nursing in the USA, is the formation and unification of nursing criteria in Education through specific and validated action protocols, congresses and training workshops.

Therefore, nursing degree studies aim that future graduates:

Acquire knowledge of both the science of nursing and the health sciences, human and social, to respond to the needs and health expectations of individuals, families, groups and the community.

Develop skills for the application of protocols and procedures for nursing care.

Get the ability to establish positive relationships with the people with whom you interact.

Acquire the ability to act on the basis of ethical principles, respecting the values and rights of the person, to maintain their dignity in any situation.

Develop critical thinking and reflective practice, and use the methodology and scientific evidence to make nursing care decisions.

By pursuing master in nursing administration USA, students have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom and explore, at the same time, the different healthcare situations of our environment. In this way, it is oriented towards job placement and postgraduate training.

What functions does a school nurse have?

The nurse in the nursing colleges in USA for international students can develop all the functions of the profession in addition to managing the maintenance of nursing.

It is the care function that occupies us the longest time, understanding that it includes all aspects concerning students: health training for all professionals in the educational field, care programs, coordination with health and social services agencies, and programs of education for health. We have some research projects underway linked to the population we serve and the most appropriate care.

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