Should I Study Abroad as a High School Student?

Going to high school and college school without interruption is common. Often the logical follow-up is to pass one’s Baccalaureate, to start one’s higher studies and eventually, during these, to leave to perform a semester or a year abroad, or to enter the world of work.

When you leave after your 3rd, you have to do your 2nd year after the year spent abroad, even though you went to school. Similarly, when we leave after his 2nd, we must do his first on his return, and so on. And yet, the benefits of this experience are invaluable!

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  1. A Rewarding Cultural Discovery

This is a unique opportunity to experiment “from within” a foreign school system. Living in the United States the homecoming autumn (week during which we celebrate the school year), preparing for her prom in the spring, participate in the graduation ceremony (with cape and gown), the famous graduation ceremony (with hat and toga).

  1. An Immersive Human Experience

It’s about sharing the day- to- day life of a family who lives on the other side of the planet, which very often becomes their “second family” with all the differences that it can include: different ages of parents, different number and ages of brothers and sisters, different environment, different socio-cultural-economic environment. So many aspects to which the teenager must adapt and for that to be open-minded, tolerant, flexible. Qualities that will then be true assets of weight for the pursuit of studies, career, and just personal life.

  1. Learning and Mastering a Foreign Language

Linguistically, the gain is second to none because the young person is constantly immersed in the language of the host country with the help of education consultants in India, because he goes to school with young people from the country and lives in a country where he lives. Once you have crossed the language barrier, it is often only two months to understand those around you, a few more months to understand the media, a few more months to express yourself with ease and at the end of a school year (about 9-10 month), the pupil returns close to bilingualism.

Speaking a language also helps to build relationships, to communicate better with those around you. During this school year, we often made friends for life, local friends, whether it is his host family, neighbors, classmates at school but also friends from all over the world came to study in the same country.

  1. A Maturity Gain

To be immersed in a different culture, to meet others, to participate in activities unknown until then are an enrichment and memories for a lifetime. It’s these little things that push the boundaries of your comfort zone, grow, and become more respectful and responsible. It is not uncommon for parents whose child has left a school year abroad at the age of 15 to say that the same child has returned with one year older but two years or more in maturity.

  1. Get out of the Lot

In the age of globalization, thinking outside the box by taking help from overseas education consultants in Delhi at a younger age is going to make a difference. If the idea of international mobility enters more and more into the functioning and programs of our higher education, that of leaving young, when one is in high school, is not quite.

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