Study Psychology: What Kind Of Psychology Degree Do I Need?

The discipline of psychology is so wide and varied that it is impossible to find a unique degree to cover all possible careers.Here is a quick summary of the types of tasks and positions that can be found for each level and grade.


If you have completed a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in psychology, you can find work as follows:

  • Data and human resources analyst.
  • Case Management Specialist
  • Career Advisor
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • Teach psychology at the primary and secondary level.
  • Market research.

In these types of sectors:

  • Correctional institutions.
  • Mental health facilities
  • Clinics and rehabilitations.
  • Government agencies
  • Organizations
  • Family therapy.

However, given that these titles are the least expensive in the field of psychology and require the least amount of time possible, competition for these jobs is expected to remain intense in the foreseeable future.

Master’s Degrees

To get your master’s degree in Psychology, students are required to devote at least 2 years to complete your full time postgraduate studies in order to complete an original projects for your degree and exams. You will be required to study patient assessment, intervention techniques, and method of research.

In general, there are fewer job options for those with master’s degrees, but there is a demand in the industrial-organizational sector of psychology, which is the study of human behaviour in the workplace. Master’s degrees can find corporate jobs in the following professions:

  • Assistants or psychological counsellors.
  • Provide mental health services under the direct supervision of a licensed psychologist.
  • He works as a research assistant in an institution.

Specialties Degrees

An option available between masters and doctoral degrees is the title of specialist in psychology. Those who study specialized degrees often enter the field of school psychology. To reach this level, most students complete a postgraduate degree in education and psychology courses, plus a full-time one-year internship. School psychologists who obtain a specialty or doctoral degree, although some require only a master’s degree.

Objectives of graduate graduates

In addition to the learning objectives described for undergraduate programs, undergraduate students must adjust their theoretical knowledge and research analysis practices. No matter your specialization, high-level skills are expected from masters or doctoral students.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts, including history and psychology systems.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of professional problems and behaviour in the practice of psychology.
  • Appreciate different research tools by understanding quantitative and qualitative research methods and analysis.
  • Produce research to inform others.
  • Maintain core values ​​of psychology that allow ethical practices, healthy scepticism and limits of applicability.

Diplomas in Psychology

Depending on your personal and professional interests, it is also necessary to think in advance about which area of ​​clinical psychology programs USA most applies to your life goals. By doing so, you can help decide what kind of psychology diploma you need.

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