Studying at Saint Petersburg University: How Is It Beneficial?

Studying at the university is a stage of life that we must live, it prepares us to face easy and difficult situations, we meet people who can become life’s best friends, as well as the experiences that remain, whether bad or good.

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These are experiences that will help us to move forward. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study at a university in Russia? Here are five reasons to study at the University of Saint Petersburg.

One of the best universities in the world

The University of Saint Petersburg is one of the most prestigious in Russia, ranked among the best one hundred in the world in different opportunities, has twenty faculties, twenty-five research centres, more than four thousand professors and offers its facilities to more than thirty-nine thousand students from all over the world.

Oldest Russian University

The University of Saint Petersburg is the oldest of all the universities in Russia, founded in 1724 by Peter the Great who took the first building on this campus as the seat of his government.

It is located in the center of Saint Petersburg, near the Neva River, you can also visit the Hermitage Museum, Isaac’s Cathedral, Palace Square and the Peter and Paul Fortress in its surroundings.

Research canters

Students at the University of Saint Petersburg have twenty-five research center where they can develop their work, and they can also consult the library that has more than sixty million electronic books. In the research center, research groups made up of Russians and foreigners are formed, many of the things from Russia have come out of these research center.

Famous graduates

The University of Saint Petersburg throughout its history has trained students of a high professional level and in the different faculties it offers, among them great scientists such as Dmitri Mendeleev, Alexander Popov and others have been trained; Nobel laureates such as Ivan Pavlov in physiology or medicine Nikolay Semyonov in chemistry, Leonid Kantorovich in Economics and others, as well as philosophers and government authorities.

International Relations

The university has an agreement with universities in more than 60 countries, being a total of association with more than four hundred and ten universities, of which with nine of these institutions it has double degree programs, which allows graduates to get work in large companies of Russia as well as other countries.

Would you like to study at the University of Saint Petersburg?

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Many would like to study abroad, but doubt: they are afraid of high requirements, a different culture, difficulties with exams and documents.

Not all of these problems can be solved by an educational agency. But experts will be able to give all the necessary information, answer questions, organize a meeting with representatives of the school and university and introduce those who have already gone through this. Leave a request and they will help you make the most balanced decision.

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