Studying Medicine In Russia And Entering The Field Of Medicine in Russia

Over the past decades, thousands of students have left their country in search of the best Universities, providing the desired study programs in which they can receive a highly qualified education.

When the question arises “where is the best place to study medicine?”, then the answer is very simple, of course in Russia! Only in Russia can you get a high-quality medical education at minimal cost, as well as continue your career in the field of medicine!

Russia is world renowned for its developed and high-quality education system. There are more than 400 higher educational institutions (universities, institutes, academies, colleges) that accept foreign students for training.

There are more than 100 medical schools in which students can continue their education in the field of medicine. Almost every medical university in Russia is recognized all over the world.

More than 500,000 foreign students who, after graduating from medical universities in Russia, work in recognized hospitals and medical institutions located in their home country.

Most of the medical universities in Russia are more than 100 years old, and some institutions are more than 200-250 years old.

Every year, medical universities in Russia accept thousands of students from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. Medical universities in the Russian Federation are considered the most affordable for middle-income applicants.

Students can find a quality medical university with tuition fees ranging from US $3500-5000 per year. Most medical universities in Russia conduct training in Russian and English, both in the main courses of study and in the master’s degree.

In medical universities in Russia, foreign students can study in specialties that are almost impossible to find in universities in any other country. In all Medical Universities, students receive the best education, because they are trained by highly qualified teaching staff, most of whom are practicing doctors, scientists, researchers, professors and candidates of science.

The main condition for studying medicine in Russia is to pass the medical entrance exam. This test is conducted in both English and Russian.

If a person wants to study medicine in top medical universities in Russia in English, he must pass the medical admission test in English, and those who want to study medicine in Russian must pass the test in Russian.

In order for people to be able to participate in the entrance exam to the field of medicine in Russia, they must pass the pre-medical courses in this country.

The validity of degrees of medical schools in Russia is an issue of great importance. The reputation of the university is important for several reasons, including: If a person wants to work and live in Russia after graduation, is this university degree suitable for work in this country? If a person wants to immigrate to another country after completing his studies, is his certificate valid for work in other countries?

Therefore, we see that the ranking of Russian medical universities is an important issue, whether in Russia or in the whole world, so it is necessary for students to be fully aware of these basic observations before choosing a university.

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