Success In IELTS In 2021…Appears Promising

Happy New Year 2021 to all the IELTS takers!

2020 demonstrated to us what isolation is about, and how achieving anything substantial, in isolation is not easy. Winning and accomplishing is a team effort – and we are there for you-as a team that exists to give you the tools and support to win the battle with IELTS. Even though the previous year was tough, yet it taught us to be resilient and cope better with stress and adversity.

Our purpose, mission at AIIS, is to help you, we are here to show you how to tackle IELTS and get your target score. We teach you how to prepare and take the exam without stress and with confidence. How to get through IELTS faster with desired results, so that you can start living your dream life sooner. Let’s make a New Year resolution to leave no stone unturned to score 8 bands and above in IELTS this time! We should try to do away with all distractions around us and try to grab the minute details in Listening and Reading to achieve a great score. Focusing on using a wide range of Vocabulary in Writing and Speaking will also make a difference to your score. These two modules are productive modules as you need to generate your thoughts and ideas.

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With experience in IELTS coaching and investing in our students even after they have taken the exam, we are aware of all the nuances of the exam and know that attention to detail is important to secure 8 bands and above. It is extremely important to personalize IELTS coaching. In fact, mentoring is as important as training, when it comes to being IELTS ready on the day, which is essentially a key step to realize one’s dreams!

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Ask any successful sportsperson, and they will narrate the importance of getting into a right frame of mind and “zone” to deliver peak performance. This mind set is not narrate a matter of chance, but indeed must be practiced and put to test. This is exactly what we do with our students and have achieved success time and again. We take immense pride in the performance of our students and help them to accomplish their goals. No wonder that the majority of our new student base is derived from referrals by ex-students.

We take time to understand the exact gaps in a students’ repertoire and then deliver a bespoke course to target improvement areas by stretching their efforts in improvement areas. This strategy supplemented with proven course material and lessons is critical and key to achieving 8+ band scores. Do book a demo session with our trainers to experience the difference yourself.

On this day, exactly one year ago, we all wished for a life-changing year…and it was, just not the way any of us ever intended. Instead of progress, most of us experienced setbacks. Instead of thriving, most of us were busy surviving. So today, let us all hope again that 2021 will make up for it.

So Dear Test Takers, I wish you the IELTS score of your dreams in the New Year. You can count on our help in 2021, just like you did last year. There will be new practice tests and new IELTS services. Keep coming back-we’ll make it worth your while.

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