Tips And Tricks To Score 8+ Band In IELTS Listening Exam

Many students find IELTS listening exam a bit tricky.

But the truth is you can easily score 8+ band in listening exam.

Section 1 and 2 of IELTS listening exam is comparatively easy and most of the students score well in both the sections. However, students need more practice and tricks to improve score in the section 3 and section 4.

In this blog, let’s share some effective and easy to follow tips and tricks for scoring 8+ Band in Listening exam.

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1. English Conversations

The sections on listening exam includes conversations between 2 or more people and monologues.

To understand the conversations clearly, you need to work on your listening skills.

One way is that you start listening to different English news channels for debates and discussions. Try to understand their accent and pay attention to their pronunciations.

2. Podcasts

If topics such as politics, health, fitness, self-improvement etc. interests you, find the relevant podcasts on Spotify or Google podcasts.

Start listening to small episodes first and write down your key learnings. Then, move to slightly lengthy episodes and follow the same technique.

Also, give a try to podcasts with different English accents.

Listening to podcasts is an easy and fun way to work on active listening skills.

3. Questions on Time

Section 1 and 2 consists of approx. 3-4 questions on date and time. It is very easy to tackle these questions but sometimes students make mistake here also. All you need is to know the different ways of expressing time.

E.g. you should know what time “quarter to 6” is? What time AM and PM represents.

4. Questions on Maps

Recently, many questions related to maps and directions are being asked in section 2 of the exam. Students should understand the different directions well.

e.g. you should be aware of left, right, south-east, north-west etc. to find the right answer.

5. Common Sense

Sometimes students get confused with words with similar sounds. In such cases, it is important that you don’t side-line common sense but use your judgement and presence of mind to find the right answer.

6. Write Correctly

Sometimes the students are able to find the right answer but while writing the answers they miss-out on the complete information.

e.g. they forget to mention the currency with the amount, AM/PM in the question related to time or mis-spell the answer.

These are pitfalls that a student can really avoid by paying attention to small details.

7. Practice

Last but not the least, practice is the key mantra to score 8+ band in listening exam.

Practice sample question papers and figure out your common mistakes. Focus on those points and take up more mock tests to improve on your weak points.

In addition to the above points, the IELTS Faculty works on improving the concentration level and helps the students to excel the mental notes techniques that save the time and improve the score.

If you have any questions or any doubts related to IELTS, we are all ears!

Reach out to us at 8800893636 or write to and let our faculty counsel you.

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