Tips For Planning Your Study Trip to Russia

Travelling to Russia is always interesting and fascinating at the same time, one of the largest countries in the world. Travelling to Russia also means taking time, to plan what concerns to spend time there.

Planning means finding out about many things about Russia, reading forums, guides, web pages, in short, adding a lot of information, which will serve you enough to function and make your stay as traumatic as possible.

Study MBBS in Russia

When it comes to study plans, you have to be well informed about when to start the trip, and not have to postpone it for various reasons, which may be due to lack of money, indecision, family matters, commitments, etc.

When is the ideal time to travel?

In general, the favourable time to travel to Russia is the middle of autumn and spring due to the good weather of that season. It includes the months of May, June and September, a time of temperate climates and fewer tourists.

However, when it comes to studying, it cannot always be expected that the climatic conditions are the most suitable, since the call for studies is unique and the conditions are unrepeatable, for example, favourable careers, available vacancies, future changes of study programs, etc.

That is why if you decide to wait for “the best moment”, it is sometimes that the conditions change for the applicant and the situation will actually be less favourable for the trip.

It is advisable to analyse well and make a real plan of action that helps to solve what could be preventing the study trip to Russia. Next, we give you some tips that will be very useful when you are preparing your trip to Russia if you want to study in top medical universities in Russia.

Consider the best time of year for the trip

As said in a previous point about the time for the trip, the months of May, June and September are the time of temperate weather and when the number of tourists is lower. However, if you cannot travel in this season, and you have to do it in winter, do not forget to bring good coats as you will find really low temperatures.

Think about the visa and documentation you need

Russia has signed agreements with many Spanish-speaking countries, such as Argentina, Colombia and Chile, among others, granting them 90 days of stay without the need for a visa.

If you do not belong to these beneficiary countries, you have to process the visa for MBBS admission in Russia, the requirements are: Passport with 6 months of validity and 2 free pages, travel insurance, application form with photo ID, visa support, it is the invitation letter that you It is given by the hotel or travel agency, take the requirements to the Russian embassy in your country and pay.

Do some research on the Russian language

Russian and English are spoken in most tourist places, you will also find tour guides who speak other languages. In the subway, the ticket vending machines, the indications are in English and in the tourist restaurants, you find the menu in English and waiters who speak it. If you have a need to communicate on the street, preferably look for young people.


If you are on the savings wave, hostels are highly recommended because they are cheaper than hotels and there you will find young people with whom you can interact. Although if your trip is for studies, the university where you are going to study must have accommodation for students. Check this in advance so that when you arrive you already have that matter resolved.

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