Top 4 Trending Courses To Study Abroad

Data released by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs shows that in the year 2019, over 750,000 Indian students were studying in abroad. This trend is significantly picking up with each year.

The students with different education background and interests now aspire to pursue education from foreign universities.

Earlier students were much inclined towards countries like UK, US and Australia. But, there has been a shift in location preference of the students.

Study Abroad

Statistics show that countries such as Canada, Singapore, and Europe have now become the preference of the students because of the quality of education, International exposure, ease of admission and affordable education cost.

Here is the list of courses that have been the top choice of the students planning for higher education abroad.

  1. IT Courses

Masters in Information Technology have been the first choice of fresh graduates and working IT professionals.

The pandemic has even further heightened the adoption rate of the technology and unlocked many opportunities for IT professionals.

The recent admission trends show that the students have a prime traction to upgrade their knowledge with IT courses like cyber security, AI, Big Data Analytics and IT in top countries like Europe, Canada and the USA.

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  1. Management Courses

Master of Business administration (MBA) develops the skills and prepares the students to head Business in changing and challenging marketplace.

Recent trend shows that Entrepreneurs and working professionals are opting for short term diploma and certification in management programmed.

These short term courses help them to gain business knowledge, earn better salary package or thrive their own business in less time.

  1. Healthcare Courses

The healthcare courses such as MBBS, Bachelor of Nursing, and Masters of Nursing, specialization in Nursing, Neuroscience and MS in healthcare management have been the top preference of the medical students.

Ukraine, Russia, Philippines and Kazakhstan are countries that have old and globally recognized medical universities. These universities have high standards of education and offer better career opportunities to Medical students.

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  1. Hospitality Courses

It is not only the Medical students or MBA aspirants who choose to study abroad.

A significant number of students take admissions in Travel & Tourism, culinary and hospitality courses in countries like Switzerland, Australia, Europe and New Zealand every year.

The hospitality and travel & tourism courses abroad have been the inclination of the students as one plans to study and settle abroad thereafter.

In fact, hospitality, culinary, travel & tourism students find it easy to pay off the education loan, have better work-life balance and gets comparatively higher remuneration packages in abroad as compared in India.

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