Urology: Why Study It In Russia?

To enable everyone to get a good education and make these dreams come true, the Russian government is opening its doors to foreign students.

Russian universities have created all the conditions for a comfortable stay of students. They have a high level of technical equipment in laboratories, libraries, research centres and buildings for educational use.

The Russian is perhaps not the first country to appear when one turns to international studies. But the truth is, this often underrated and increasingly innovative country can boast a long list of amazing offers for students around the world. Are you wondering what awaits you there?

Russia relies heavily on education, and 54% of people between 25 and 64 have a university degree, a considerable rate. This respect for education is reflected in the quality of Russian universities, which attract more than 250,000 foreign students each year.

Whether you want to study medicine in Russia in English or learn Russian in Russia- there are a variety of institutions for you to choose from. It is this choice that attracts foreign students to Russia. You will find exactly what you are looking for.

Russia is a very diverse country. Not only in the sense that many students from different countries of the world come to study there. Rather because the Russian population is so diverse, it is made up of over 150 different ethnic groups who speak over 100 languages.

The medical specialty in Urology is one of the most sought after in Russia by both local and foreign students. The main organ of study by urologists is the kidney, with all its consequent structures or pathways.

Prostate, bladder, adrenal gland, urinary tract, urethra, testicles, the seminal tract or the pelvic floor are some of the areas that this specialist is responsible for evaluating.

At some point in life, all men must go to a doctor with this type of knowledge, so the doctor-patient relationship is almost a commandment.

List of universities in Russia for international students to study Urology

  • Belgorod: Belgorod State University
  • Samara: Samara State Medical University
  • Tver: Tver State Medical University
  • Kazan: Kazan Federal University and Kazan State Medical University
  • Moscow: Russian University of Friendship of Peoples, Sechenov University and Russian National Medical University of Pirogov
  • Saint Petersburg: North-Western Medical University after Mechnikov and PP Pavlov Medical University.
  • Voronezh: Voronezh State Medical University

Why study it in the Federation?

Russia MBBS universities have quickly positioned themselves over the last decade in the leading teacher evaluation rankings. In the specific field of science and medicine, it is located in the main places in the world in innovation and research equipment.

Medical specialties in Russia last four semesters or two years, not counting the previous pre-university period where all students will learn the Russian language.

The pre time will depend on the month you travel, if it is in September it will be two semesters, if it is March it will be three semesters.

If you want to know detailed budgets in the city and specific university of your interest, do not hesitate to contact study abroad education consultants in India.

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