What Do You Get During Your Study Period In Russia?

Regardless of what level of study and what specialty you want to enter, you should understand what you want to do in the future, who you want to become and what position you want to work in. Studying abroad is by no means a thoughtless pursuit of the coveted diploma of a foreign university.

In fact, it is a very interesting journey that provides students with a unique experience not available to those who stayed to study in their home country.


Student years spent abroad give the student much more than just a prestigious diploma. No matter how your life turns out after school, the experience gained will remain with you forever, will help you become a whole person and an excellent professional.

It is safe to say that no matter what country and city you choose to study abroad, you will surely meet a lot of interesting people of various nationalities, cultures and religions.

Feel free to choose a foreign education if in ordinary life you do not have enough of this variety.

Something that stands out a lot when deciding to study in Russia, are the great technological and scientific advances that have been developing over the years. The health area, in this case medicine, has large laboratories fully equipped with the best scientific advances of the moment.

Without a doubt, this is a great advantage or benefit of the medical universities in Russia for Indian students, because you will have a quality education and at the forefront.

On the other hand, the student residences offered by the different universities are also comfortably equipped with everything a student needs today, not to mention that they are spacious and modern.

University campuses are not far behind either, in fact, Russia is one of the most beautiful universities in the world. They have facilities such as libraries, laboratories, residences, practical rooms, gardens, sports and recreational campuses, some even have their own clinic.

Recognized universities around the world

Located within world rankings, Russian universities are among the best in the European continent and the world. Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, philosophers, important political figures such as presidents, important scientists and researchers, etc. have graduated from these universities.

It is important to mention that Russian universities have award-winning professors, who will provide you with excellent education. That is, you will train with the best, in one of the best universities at an international level.

It does not matter what you are looking for, because you have a wide variety of university options to choose the career or specialty you want and take admission in Russian medical colleges.

Affordable prices

When saying “study in Russia” many think that it is an impossible goal, because they imagine that the prices to study at a university of international prestige in a first world country like that, is very expensive, but it really is not like that.

The prices managed by universities in Russia are much lower than the rest of the institutions on the continent. Even when paying for high school, semester and living costs, it is cheaper than any other university in Europe.

Depending on the city, university and degree, prices may vary. However, a semester can cost from 1400 USD, while a pre-university one can cost 900 USD.

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