What Do You Mean By Healthcare Management?

Health is again on the verge of yet another reform. How successful it will be is to a large extent dependent on the ability of health leaders to effectively use new opportunities and make the necessary changes. To successfully solve the problems of rational management of financial resources, attracting investments, and creating his own team, the head of healthcare, in addition to medical education, must master a set of management knowledge and skills.


Is the concept of “management” appropriate in relation to healthcare? We can say that a manager is a person who, directing and coordinating the efforts of many people, is able to carry out a volume of work that significantly exceeds his physical capabilities. It is clear that this fully applies, for example, to the head physician or his deputies, who by the nature of their activities plan, coordinate, organize and control the treatment process in the unit and, therefore, act as managers. The paradox of the situation is that to treat a patient, a doctor or a pharmacist has been studying for many years, and in order to manage the treatment of thousands of people, most managers do not receive any education. This problem becomes especially acute in a market economy,

It was a sharp increase in the complexity and complexity of managerial tasks that led to the fact that from the end of the 19th century a special field of knowledge began to form – management, which concentrates the experience of effective managerial activity, as well as relevant theoretical developments. Certified facility manager course in USA, first of all, includes methods of personnel and organization management, and in the expanded sense of the word also marketing, financial management, quality and information management and other related fields of knowledge. It is clear that increasing the effectiveness of such operations is also relevant to healthcare.

So, one of the main tasks facing the head of healthcare today is to optimize the treatment process in order to provide services that are competitive in quality and price. In the context of a tight limit on industry financing by the state, skills are needed for the rational distribution of funds between all expense items (medicines, wages, sick meals, utilities, etc.). Another aspect of management relevant for healthcare is the creation of a close-knit team, its own team, capable of solving problems of varying complexity in changing conditions.

A student aspiring to become head of healthcare facility design and planning today needs to get a business education in addition to his main specialty, must be able to solve problems of varying complexity in changing conditions. To solve the tasks, the course “Management in Healthcare” is designed to develop students’ skills such as time management, effective communication, information management, decision making, planning and control, and the ability to manage resources (human, informational, financial). An important psychological skill of the manager is the ability to reflect, i.e. analysis of their own mistakes, the ability to draw a conclusion from a negative experience.

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