What Documents Are Needed For Admission To A Foreign University- A Complete List Of Documents?

It is necessary to clearly separate the list of documents for admission to a foreign university for bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Despite the apparent similarity, they are still noticeably different. Many people become paralyzed when achieving their academic goals because they believe that paperwork for documents to study abroad is complicated.


This time we will show you that in the case of Russia it is very easy to carry out the procedures with the appropriate advice. In the last decade, thousands of people from different parts of the world, made the decision to study in the Russian medical universities.

Reasons such as high academic quality in exchange for low costs, a good standard of living or ease in administrative processes are counted as the main ones.

What are the documents to study abroad?

ID: To set aside the pre-university quota, which is the period where the Russian language will be learned, only the ID will be necessary in principle.

Passport: In the following weeks to set aside the quota you can send the rest of the documents online. In the case of the passport you will have to take a copy of each of its pages and it must be valid for more than 2 years.

Bachelor’s degree: In the case of high school seniors who have not yet received a degree, they may request a certificate from the address of their school.

Certified notes from the last three years of school: must be duly apostilled.

Invitation letter: study overseas consultants in Delhi will be in charge of requesting it at the university chosen by the student, once the contract is signed.

Student visa: top education consultants in India provide advice throughout the entire process at the Russian embassy.

IELTS/TOEFL: These are international language exams, the certificate of which is required by all foreign universities. The passing score differs not only in each educational institution, but also in faculties.

In addition, the selection criteria for bachelor’s, master’s or postgraduate studies are different. The minimum assessment level ranges between 5.0 and 5.5.

In the case of master in nursing administration UK, a university degree and certified grades for all semesters will be requested.

Each of the above points plays a big role in the final decision of the admissions committee about admitting or not admitting you to a particular university. Failure to comply with the rules for preparing a package of documents may result in a refusal.

Deadlines for submitting documents to a university abroad

It only depends on the country and the rules of the educational institution. For example, prestigious British universities decide to admit a student in November-December of the previous year.

The recruitment is carried out all year round, so there is no need to waste a year. Roughly the same situation is observed in individual colleges in Canada and the United States, when you can start your studies twice or three times a year.

If we talk about the deadlines for submitting documents to universities abroad, then in most of them admission ends no later than July of the current year.

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