What Does the Profession of OT Technician Demand?

The operating room technician takes care of the organization of the operating room (premises, instruments, equipment). They collaborate, in sterile clothing, in all types of intervention by giving and taking back the instruments. Before becoming an OT technician, you should always opt for a Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician.

Operation Theatre Technician

They thus allow surgeons to constantly keep their vision on the operating field. Sometimes OT Technicians are also required to take care of electronic devices and anticipate instrument and material needs.

Their main activities consist of:

Before the operation

  • Wash your hands surgically, put on sterile clothes, prepare the specific equipment for the planned intervention, the basic trays and assemble the endoscopic instruments (optical tubes entering the natural cavities);
  • Prepare the various electronic devices allowing viewing, recording and taking photographs during the intervention and check the proper functioning of the table, its accessories and lighting;
  • Participate in the reception, installation and support of the patient in the operating room; disinfect the operating field;

During the operation

  • Assist the surgeon to put on a gown and gloves in a sterile manner;
  • Anticipate the surgeon’s actions during the operation by quickly handing or picking up the necessary instruments, liquids, compresses, or threads;
  • Ensure the proper functioning of high-tech devices;
  • Count instruments and compresses at the end of the operation and alert the surgeon in case of lack;
  • Ensure compliance with the rules of hospital hygiene, to minimize the risk of infection;

After the operation

  • Help put the patient back in bed;
  • Take part in putting the room in order and cleaning the equipment (collecting, checking, cleaning and sterilizing the instruments used);
  • Collaborate in the management of the stock of equipment and drugs;
  • Supervise personnel in training and auxiliaries.

Working environment

Operating room technicians work in a hospital or clinic. Their field of activity and the often irregular working hours can vary considerably from one establishment to another. Relations with patients, before or after the operation, also differ according to the importance of the intervention.

What and why?

  • So that the operation can proceed without difficulty, the technician in the operating room prepares the surgical instruments, hemostasis devices, bandages, sutures, etc.
  • So that the doctor does not have to ask for the instruments during any activity, the operating room technician knows the operating procedure and can give the instruments at the right time.
  • In order for the patient admitted to the emergency room to receive the necessary treatment immediately, the operating room technician calls, depending on the injury and the symptoms, the responsible doctor and makes the preparations if an operation is necessary.

If you want to experience what a nursing assistant does in an operating room or become a professional in this field, we have something for you. There are various universities that offer you excellent diplomas and courses in this area.

Here you can expand your knowledge about what does an OT technician do in an operating room and become a professional in the field.

Sometimes this individual works in hospital emergency departments, where he/she takes necessary emergency measures and care for patients. OT technicians talk to them, immediately organize the continuation of the treatment, take care of them as far as possible, inform and reassure their relatives.

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