What Expertise Is Offered by Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician?

With the increasing growth of the medical industry, it has become important that a person choosing this field should have the required knowledge and hands-on experience before starting his/her job as a professional. This also applies to the profession of Operation Theatre Technician.

Operation Theatre Technician CourseAt the time of surgery, the role of the OT technician must be coordinated with the other professionals to perform various elementary functions, from cleaning, placing, and replacing surgical equipment and instrumentation to offering basic care to the patient in the different stages of their surgery.

So, to get all these skills, you need to take the help of a Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician to better understand the complexities present in this job. After completing the diploma, you will be part of a specialized team with knowledge and techniques used today, you will know how to use each of the tools and you will be able to give your opinion as an expert.

The diploma offered consists of two blocks with updated and specialized bibliography:

  • Fundamentals of the surgical area
  • Surgical process.

In these blocks, you will learn about the components of the surgical team, teamwork, cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of the operating room, and the risks of the environment of the surgical area. Along with this, you will also immerse yourself in the safe handling of equipment, patient safety during the surgical process, classification of surgical interventions, surgical instruments, the position of the patient, as well as the anesthetic process, sutures, drains, and required techniques in the operating room.

Therefore, if you are passionate about the health sector, and are looking to delve into any of the areas that this branch comprises, do not hesitate to opt for Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician and update and professionalize yourself.

General objectives

Update and expand the knowledge about the work carried out by a technician in the operating room and the surgical area.

Specific objectives

Block 1

At the end of the unit, the student will be able to:

  • You will have acquired the basic knowledge of the structure of an operating room and a surgical area.
  • You will know the different members who carry out their work in the surgical block.
  • You will understand the basics of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization.
  • You will know the basic precautions for the safe handling of electrosurgical equipment and support equipment.
  • You will acquire basic knowledge about patient safety in the surgical area
  • You will have acquired sufficient knowledge about occupational hazards in the surgical field.

Block 2

At the end of the unit, the student will be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge about the classification of surgical interventions and their degree of urgency and cleanliness.
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge about cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, and storage of surgical equipment.
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge about the various positions of the patient on the operating table.
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge about the techniques and functions of the OT Technician in the operating room.


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