What to do after NEET 2022 exams

What to do after NEET 2022 examsEven though many students aspire to work in the medical industry, many choose alternative career paths after earning their MBBS. One widespread misperception among students is that their possibilities are severely constrained once they complete MMBS. However, that is not the case; students who are knowledgeable about medicine have a lot of chances. We have compiled a list of the Top 7 Career Possibilities that you can enter after the NEET Exam 2022 for people who have registered for the exam and are seeking career options.

Alternative Careers for NEET

After earning their MBBS degree, students can pursue an MSc in the field of specialization they wish. To qualify, MSc applicants must have an MBBS degree or its equivalent from a reputable institution. Graduate study in several fields is available to MBBS graduates:

MBA: Pursuing an MBA after earning a medical degree is extremely uncommon, yet many people defy convention to develop the traits and skills required by entrepreneurs. Additionally, it aids them in examining potential career paths in healthcare administration. After MBBS, specializations for the MBA.

Teaching medicine involves knowledge in both areas because doctors and teachers are the most respected and esteemed professions. Medical professors educate future doctors. Additionally, students can work as medical lecturers at colleges, universities, or nursing programs. Even many doctors are frequently called to teach as guest lecturers in institutions.

Legal Medical Advisor: Legal, medical advisors, are hired when complex legal disputes call for expert guidance on particular issues. Across the world, many crimes call for the counsel of medical professionals. After earning their MBBS, many applicants pursue this job because it is considered lucrative.

Doctor (MBBS): Although the market is already saturated with competition, many MBBS students desire to enter clinical sectors, practice medicine, or advance in areas that interest them. To achieve the highest results and guarantee a spot in the universities of their choice, many students choose to take the NEET exam more than once. After passing NEET, students can pursue MBBS degrees in their chosen subjects and find employment as doctors in private and public hospitals.

MD/MS/Diploma: One of the most widely used alternatives for pupils earning their MBBS degree. Doctors who have earned their MD, MS, or diploma might subsequently choose a PG program to achieve specialization in their selected industry. The need for medical services will never disappear, and it already has.

Dentist (BDA): Those seeking a degree in dentistry can do so by taking a BDS program and earning an MBBS degree. The options range from general practitioners to orthodontists. Working in hospitals and clinics allows many dentists to earn a substantial income.


After passing the NEET exam, those still undecided about their chosen path should seek guidance from their classmates, teachers, parents, and professional counselors. Making a career decision solely for the sake of it will only cause you to regret it later.

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