Which Master’s Program Should I Choose: Taught Or Research?

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Deciding which type of master program you want to pursue is one of the most important stages of the job. Whether it is a research or a taught master, a master’s degree in the UK is a great preparation for business and academic life.

In Taught master, you can take all the necessary lessons in the field you are interested in and make a quick start to business life.

UK Universities Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Average (GPA)

Whichever graduate program you apply for, the first criterion to be evaluated will definitely be your undergraduate average. If you have a high average in your undergraduate program, you have a good chance of getting into many leading universities in the UK. To know more, take help of foreign education consultants in India.

Each country has its own basic, higher and academic education system. As each system has common features with other countries, it also has country-specific characteristics.

For example, academic titles and levels can make a difference. GPA is one of them. GPA is a mathematical value that shows students’ GPA. The grading system used in UK universities is different from other countries.

Universities in the UK attach great importance to the average as a condition of admission to the master’s program. They decide according to the equivalent of the grade level in other countries in the English grade grading system.

Motivation letter

A personal statement is very important for all higher education applications. Sometimes you may need to write this letter in the relevant place in the university application form.

In this letter, you should basically state that you have a high motivation to study this program, that you have information about the courses and program content you will take, the connection of the program you will study with your previous education or work experience, the possible contribution of the master program to your future career, and why you want to study at the university of your choice.

Work Experience

It is a prominent criterion for graduate applications, especially for MBA and other management-related master applications. Apart from this, at least 2 years or more experience in fields such as medicine, education or social services may be required as a program requirement.

Thus, it is thought that students with work experience will benefit more from the program in terms of applicability and participation in interactive lessons. Some of the British universities can also accept students who have not had any work experience. To make the enrolment process easier, contact study abroad consultants in India.

English Language Charter

Since all programs in the UK are taught in English, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge of English to be able to follow the program, to be able to read the academic literature in English, and to write homework and thesis in English.

Universities in the UK explain the English language requirement and accepted tests and scores in detail on their website. A minimum English language level of IELTS 6-6.5 is required for a master’s degree in the UK.

This requirement is not required if you are coming to the UK for a master’s degree from a country whose native language is English.

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