Why an Operation Theatre Technician is Important for a Hospital Workforce?

Operation Theatre Technician is health personnel that can be defined as preparing the operating room to be suitable for the operation before the operation planned to be performed, assisting the surgical specialist and his team, and performing other duties assigned to him.

Why an Operation Theatre Technician is Important for a Hospital Workforce

In this blog, we have included some topics such as the definition and duties of the operating technician, and how to become an operating room technician with the help of Operation Theatre Technician Courses in Gurgaon.

What is an Operating Room Technician?

We can state that the science of surgery is based on treating patients with body deformities and treating patients on the basis of science using art and some specially developed instruments. Although surgical intervention is a method used in cases where structural deterioration or patients cannot be treated with drugs, injuries or for aesthetic purposes. It is based on the treatment of the diseased organ by cutting and removing it and is approved as controlled trauma.

The person who takes care of the wound, the person who performs the surgery constitutes the concept of the surgical physician, and the operating theatre technician determines the physical, social and psychological needs of the patient during the operation. To become an operation theatre technician, it is good to first acquire Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician.

What Does an Operating Room Technician Do?

The duties and responsibilities of operating room technicians are quite high. Below, we’ve listed the main activities that an Operation Theatre Technician performs:

  • He is in charge of working in the sterile area during the operation.
  • While trying to apply aseptic techniques to protect the sterile area from microorganisms, it takes the necessary precautions to prevent contamination.
  • Ensures and implements necessary precautions for patient safety in the operating room.
  • These technicians reviews the types of surgery and procedure in the time frame prior to the day of the surgery. Makes preparations for materials and tools.
  • He takes part in the team throughout the surgical procedures and actively fulfils his duties.
  • Provides surgical hand antisepsis. First of all, he wears a sterile shirt and gloves and then helps the surgical team to put on shirts and gloves.
  • It performs the preparation and presentation of sterile instruments and other materials needed during the operation.
  • It helps to cover the patient sterile.
  • It determines in advance the material that the surgeon may need, arranges and gives it according to the type of operation. However, it places the material in such a way that it can be easily taken.
  • It prepares the necessary consumables such as needles and thread during the surgical procedure and prepares them for use.
  • After the procedure, he counts all the instruments, tampons and compresses together with the circulating nurse and performs the recording process.
  • It identifies clinical samples taken during surgery and ensures their safe delivery to the traveling nurse.
  • After the operation, it ensures that the relevant materials are cleaned, counted, prepared in accordance with the list, sterilized and ready for use in accordance with the procedure.
  • Provides control of Safe Surgery Checklist Form within the scope of his/her job.

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