Why Canada Should Be Your Choice For Higher Education?

Many students are puzzled regarding the higher education choices they now have in the New Normal.

After the Corona Virus outbreak, the students must consider aspects such as safety, quality of education, opportunities, healthcare etc. while selecting the right Country and the University for higher education.

Canada has proven to be the top choice for higher education even after the pandemic, and here is why?

Higher Education in canada

While many developing nations were struggling to control the virus, Canada took early measures to curb the spread of the virus. They timely ramped up the testing and isolation process and managed to do better contact tracing.

In the best interest of the foreign students, Canada opened up the entry of the students in October 2020 itself.

The good news is, the universities in Canada are accepting fresh admissions in undergraduate programmes starting from May’21 and Sep’21.

On the other hand, many countries are yet to come up with clarity on the admission process.

As experts, let us explain why Canada should be the top choice of the students who are planning to study abroad in the year 2021:

  1. Education Standard

The country has the world’s class higher education system and offers quality education to the foreign students. The Canadian degree holds equal value as compared to that of the US and UK.

The education system also focuses on preparing students to compete and grab the best work opportunity out there.

  1. Education Fees

The tuition fees for undergraduate programs in Canada is much lower than that of any other developed nation. Moreover, the cost of living is quite reasonable and affordable for the foreign students in Canada.

During his/her education, the students have the option to pursue part-time employment for experience and financial support.

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  1. Continuity Plan for education

Considering the safety, the comfort of the foreign students and their parents, DLI colleges in Canada are giving the foreign students varied options to either attend colleges online from their respective home countries or to return and continue online/offline classes in Canada.

This step has been helpful for the foreign students to focus and continue their studies without any break.

  1. Growth and Learning

Canada’s education system focuses on the overall development of a student.

Thus, along with the academic excellence a student is encouraged and groomed to pursue extra curricular activities such as sports, creativity and leadership programs.

  1. Employment opportunity

Canada has economic diversity which means the country’s revenue is substantially stable and comes from different industries such as manufacturing, technology, oil & gas and tourism etc.

Being the 11th-largest world economy offers many job opportunities in different industries for the students to pursue as a career.

  1. Additional Benefits

Canada is a developed nation. Hence, it has a strong-growing economy, advanced healthcare facilities, technology and quality living conditions.

Therefore, Canada is the right choice for the higher education with high-paying jobs and opportunities to settle down.

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