Why Indian Students Study MBBS at Altai State Medical University?

Altai State Medical University is one of the top-ranked and best medical institutions if you are considering to plan to study MBBS in Russia. Russia is one of those countries that offer the medical and MBBS students worldwide, especially for Indian students as the fee structure of private colleges in India is stupendously high.

Indian students should consider this university as their goal if they are planning to get high-quality MBBS education in Russia. Here we quote the main reasons why you should consider getting admission in this university:

Easy admission process- The admission process in the AMSU is quite easy, and the student needs to complete the university application form along with verified educational documents mentioned.

No hidden charges- The University provides a transparent fee structure and a complete detailed plan of accommodation fees and tuition charges. There are no hidden costs or expenses involved in the form of capitation or donation fees.

Low fee payments- The fees and yearly packages provided by ASMU is low budget and can be easily accommodated by the Indian students.

Reasonable accommodation- the hostel facility at this university is quite large, provides necessary facilities for ease of living and study as well as well ventilated. All these facilities come at a steep price at Altai.

Medical Council of India approved- The best part about securing your admission to Altai Medical University is that the Medical Council has approved it of India. Thus, Indian students can practice their medicine study in India once they have passed the MCI screening test.

Global accreditation- The MBBS in Altai state medical university is recognized globally by some of leading medical councils like WHO, MCI, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, etc.

Extracurricular activities- The University fully supports students and provides them with an environment to support their growth by indulging them in various cultural, sports and work-related activities, music, arts and other vocational courses they have preferred. This will help them enjoy their leisure time.

Qualified staff- The teaching staff at the university is qualified, assistive, and experienced. They combine the old teaching methodologies with innovative modern techniques to impart medical education amongst the students.

Indian food available- Since the university hosts a massive influx of Indian students, it has an Indian mess available within its premises where Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is prepared meeting the nutritional requirements and served for students.

Security as a Priority: The students are offered with complete safety within the premises through security guards and CCTV guards. Moreover, the university officials also keep tabs on harassment, bullying, ragging, and self-defence.

MBBS in Altai state medical university aims to produce highly professional and qualified doctors who are well versed with other qualities as well. We recommend Indian students to opt for this university for MBBS education.

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