Why Indians Love Russia For Medical Education?

During the last decades, thousands of students leave their country in search of the best universities, which provide the desired program of study, and in which they can receive highly qualified education. When there is a question “Where is it better to study medicine?”, The answer is very simple “In Russia!”. Only in Russia, you can get a high-quality medical education at the lowest cost, and also continue your training in a medical career!

study in Russia

Russia is known worldwide for its advanced and high-quality education system. There are more than 400 higher education institutions (universities, institutes, academies, colleges) that train foreigners. There are more than 100 higher education centers of medicine, in which students can continue their studies in medical careers.

Almost all Russian medical universities are recognized worldwide. More than 500,000 international students, after graduating from Russian Medical universities, work in the best hospitals and medical centers in their home countries. Most of the Russian Medical Universities are over 100 years old, and some institutions are over 200-250 years old.

Every year, top colleges for MBBS in Russia admit thousands of students from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. The Medical Universities of the Russian Federation are considered to be the most affordable for students in middle-income countries. Students can easily find a medical university with a high-quality education, with a cost of training that varies between the US $ 3500-5000 per year. Most Russian medical universities provide training in Russian and English, both in bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

In Russian medical universities, foreign students can study careers, which is impossible to find in universities in other countries. Students from all medical universities receive the best education since they have teachers, most of whom are practicing doctors, scientists, researchers. All Russian medical universities have their hospitals, clinics and research centers, which help students to improve both practical and theoretical knowledge, to be a good doctor in the future.

Living in Russia is a unique and very valuable experience. Together with a good educational system, you get a great experience in a civilized and prosperous country. Russian people have a good heart and are well raised, they are always available to help. No matter what race you are from or what country you are from, they will receive you with great respect and with great joy, that’s why most of the students who want to live outside the hostel (student residence), want to rent a family-type apartment. If you compare housing prices in Russia with the rest of the countries, it is much cheaper to live in Russia.

Russia, due to the constant influx of foreigners, is considered a multi-ethnic country, so it is easy to adapt. Top medical colleges for MBBS in Russia offer different adaptation programs for foreigners where they also offer supervision programs during the first year. Likewise, in Russia religious freedom is guaranteed by making foreigners feel as if they were at home.

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