Why Study Medical Specialty in Child Surgery in Russia?

One of the things you might regret is not having stayed abroad. The aim can be to specialize in your field of work, diversify your language skills, spend a semester or a full academic year in a foreign university.

Whatever your goal, a trip abroad is certainly an important element for your personal development and for your CV.

The academic offer is very vast in a country as large as Russia: there are more than 800 universities spread over the whole territory and which each year host about 245,000 foreign students.

Top medical universities in Russia for international students - Astron International

The Russian Federation is the destination for many international students who intend to take advantage of living in the country to learn Russian or to complete their university studies.

Studying in Russia is definitely an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the graduate market. Russia is a country that is gradually returning to the forefront of the world economic scene while having made very significant progress in higher education.

Russian education is more fundamental. This is the only world system that provides broad knowledge, and not narrow subject training.

Learning to be a doctor is not an easy task. Top medical universities in Russia for international students are always popular among applicants, and among those who come for higher education from abroad too.

The surgical pathologies that human beings present from their birth to the end of their preadolescence are the responsibility of the medical specialty in Child Surgery.

Advanced training for medical diagnosis and treatment in children is one of the essential points of this postgraduate course.

The difference between the activities carried out by an adult surgeon to a pediatric one is substantial. The injuries that minors present in most cases are quite particular.

If you want to know what type of pathologies these specialists take care of and where you can take it, then you should read this article to the end.

Examples of pathologies treated in medical specialty:

  • Nervous system tumors and hydrocephalus.
  • Burns
  • Congenital hip dislocation
  • Hiatal hernia and gastroesophageal reflux
  • Cleft lip, congenital malformations, first arch syndrome.
  • Laryngotracheal cleft
  • Spina bifida treatment

What does it take to study it?

In principle, to study a medical specialty in Child Surgery you need a medical degree and later study a specialty in General Surgery.

In the specific case of Russia, the medical postgraduates last two years, not counting the pre-university period where every student learns the Russian language.

In the same way, they will request the certificate of 12 thousand hours of medical or rural practices, in addition to the annual certified notes of the degree. Only with these documents will you be able to enroll in the pre of one of the Russian universities that offer the study.

Top medical colleges in Russia where the medical graduate degree is available

  • Samara: Samara State Medical University
  • Tver: Tver State Medical University
  • Kazan: Kazan State Medical University
  • Moscow: Sechenov University and Pirogov Russian National Medical University
  • Saint Petersburg: PP Pavlov Medical University and Northwestern Normed Medical University

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