Worried About IELTS Writing Score? Follow These Proven Tips And Tricks!

IELTS writing exam is harder than the other sections. But the good news is, with the right tips and tricks the students can score a 7 -7.5 band in IELTS writing.

Before going further, let’s understand the basics of Task 1 and Task 2 of the writing exam.

Task 1

Task 1 of the academic exam is to write about the data given in the form of graph, pie-chart or table. For the general exam, a student has to write either formal, semi-formal or informal letter.

In task 1, the Student has to understand the information and write about it in at least 150 words. If a student writes an answer in less than 150 words, the band score is affected.

The recommended word count is 170-190, a student must adhere to this range.

Task 2

Task 2 of the academic exam is on the topic such as foreign language, education, environment etc.

Task 2 is comparably easy of the general exam as a student gets simple topic such as parenting tips, the impact of social media, lifestyle etc.

In both, task 2 determines 70% of writing band score of a student.

The essay word count limit is a minimum of 250 words, but a student can write up to 270-290 words.

Please note that one must not exceed the recommended word count as it can lead to a deduction in score band.

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Let us share some tips and tricks to score well in the IELTS writing exam:

  1. Set your Time

A student has 60 minutes to complete task 1 and task 2 in writing exam.

Since task 2 has more weightage and need more time to complete, the student must focus on completing task 2 in the first 40-45 minutes before writing Task 1.

Dedicate maximum of 15 minutes for completing task 1.

Follow this tip in the practice tests also to build up the speed for completing both the tasks in 60 minutes.

  1. Find answers in question

Task 2 can impact your writing band score, hence understanding the question is very crucial.

To write an essay, a student has to find the key point of the discussion, skim the information that is shared about the key point or topic and understand the instructions for writing the answer.

Once you understand the question, rephrase and reframe the essay in your own words.

  1. Use synonyms

While rephrasing, avoid using the same words mentioned in the question.

To convey the exact meaning, use the closest synonyms of the word in the essay.

E.g. instead of word “change”, you can use alter, variation, difference etc.

  1. Linking structure and words

Linking words and linking structure is essential to score high in writing exam.

Examiner evaluates the linking structure i.e. the logical and connecting flow in all the paragraphs of the answers. Hence, it is essential for students to use linking words such as but, and, for example, in addition to, moreover etc. for linking the subsequent paragraphs and for continual flow

  1. Build Vocabulary

Poor vocabulary could be the prime reason why one didn’t score well despite following all tips and tricks in writing exam.

Vocabulary building should be an integral part of your IELTS preparation.

A simple way to start with vocab is to learn 5 new words daily and practice sentence writing using these words.

In the IELTS exam, the student must use good vocabulary but at the same time, words should not appear unnecessary or stuffed in the answers.

E.g. if the topic is related to technology or education, use the relevant words to express the meaning. 

  1. English Grammar

Grammar being the syntax of the English language plays an important role in the IELTS exam.

Thus, examiner looks at the grammar structure and use of correct grammar in the answers.

Take up more mock IELTS writing tests to improve on grammar.

  1. Develop Examples

Explain your ideas and understanding by including relevant examples. The examples should be supportive of your point and clearly express your view.

There are more tricks to improve your IELTS writing band score. Get in touch at 8800893636 or leave your details on info@astron.international for a call back from experts.

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